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2013 Grammys - The basses

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by sj_bass, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. sj_bass


    May 23, 2010
    Long Beach, CA
    Well, I think the final tally is in:

    P-Basses - 4 (Fiesta Red, Jamareo's Pino, Sting's, and one more)
    Jazz Basses - 2 (Mumford's yellow and one more)
    Ric - 1 (Lumineer's Jetglo)
    Harmony - 1 (Black Keys)
    Double Basses - 4+ (Stanley, Jack White (2), and more)

    I might've missed a few... But the interesting thing to me was little or nothing from other makers. No Lakies, Sad's, Lulls, Spectors, or even Gibson... Wha' happened???
  2. JimmyM


    Apr 11, 2005
    Apopka, FL
    Endorsing: Ampeg Amps, EMG Pickups
    Their artists didn't get asked to play on the show?
  3. JimB52

    JimB52 User Supporting Member

    May 24, 2007
    East Coast
    The Grammys have always been a little, umm, conservative.
  4. jwj1701


    Nov 17, 2011
    Lexington KY
    There was a little more variety this year. If I remember correctly it was a clean sweep or damn near close to it for the fender P last year. I'm sure someone will fact check that thread sometime today. The show certainly wasn't as good as last years, IMHO
  5. Thumpinshelton


    Apr 10, 2010
    I thought the show last night really lacked the heart of the music industry. It felt like there were more commercials than ever before and they only handed out 11 awards live. I would like to see more live performance next year.
  6. Bassmunnky


    Jul 3, 2004
    New York and Philadelphia
    Endorsing Artist: Ernie Ball MusicMan Guitars
    A great night for basses!

    I'm 51, been watching the Grammy 'forever'..I thought the show was great.

    I also watch my friends, mainly my age turn into their parents bitching about the artists, the music...bla bla bla.

    Since when was Rock and Popular music about old dead people.

    Bruno Mars and Sting killed...!
  7. Roscoe East

    Roscoe East

    Aug 22, 2011
    Bruno Mars and Sting were doing a tribute to an old dead person.

    So were Chick, Stanley, & Kenny, in case anyone noticed that all-to-brief segment.
  8. klanger2003

    klanger2003 Supporting Member

    Oct 17, 2002
    Yes, all- too- brief is an understatement. Stan's face looked as if he was thinking, Is that it?
  9. Bassmunnky


    Jul 3, 2004
    New York and Philadelphia
    Endorsing Artist: Ernie Ball MusicMan Guitars
    Much Too brief.

    the Levon tribute was my favorite.

    Wasn't dissing old dead musicians, just 'my' generational friends sounding like our parents, cranky that "kids these days don't know what 'real' music is"..That's BS.
  10. jim777

    jim777 Tarantula Lobbyist

    Aug 7, 2006
    South Jersey
    There was something on other than the Devils-Penguins game!? Hmmmmm....go figure
  11. Floridabwoy

    Floridabwoy Supporting Member

    Sep 18, 2008
    Jacksonville, Fl
    Chuck D, LL, ATrak, Barker, Morello was way better than DeaMau5, Grohl.

    Anyone notice that the Marley tribute had two bass players. Sting & ??? It was pretty bad though. Thank Damien for saving it.

    I just dont get Mumford & Sons... they sound like every other of the 5 billion Irish bar bands.
  12. Nijushiho

    Nijushiho Supporting Member

    Oct 3, 2012
    Sting's bass was a well worn Telecaster
  13. GregC

    GregC Johnny and Joe Gold Supporting Member

    Jan 19, 2007
    I hear ya on this point--I'm about the same age and have tried to avoid complaining too much about current music trends.

    But I've always thought the Grammy awards had more misses (including a bunch of "What the hell were they thinking?" moments) than astute selections.
  14. tdizzle


    Aug 3, 2009
    Detroit, MI
    Sting's bass is a 1957 Precision.
  15. FrenchBassQC

    FrenchBassQC Supporting Member

    Jul 13, 2011
    Gatineau QC CA
    ^ This
  16. MoeTown1986

    MoeTown1986 Supporting Member

    Sep 14, 2010
    SoMD (Mechanicsville)
    Sure looks like a 51 to me
  17. tdizzle


    Aug 3, 2009
    Detroit, MI
    I thought the same thing, then I did a search.
  18. gard0300

    gard0300 Supporting Member

    Jan 10, 2011
    Vandalia, Ohio
    It was kind of sad to see all of our deceased "low end" brethren. So many.
  19. bassbully

    bassbully Endorsed by The PHALEX CORN BASS..mmm...corn!

    Sep 7, 2006
    Blimp City USA
    I thought Jack White killed it. Dan from the Black keys should be jealous :)
  20. This was the only act worth watching IMO. So so so much pop, I feel very old and out of touch at 38yrs old.