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2013 Ibanez SR300 - is it a good buy?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by BulbousMoses, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. The Ibanez SR300 (2013 model) - How would you characterize this bass. What are its main strengths and its biggest weaknesses. Does it have a wide tonal variety? Would it record well? Seems to be the best selling bass in the Ibanez lineup. From what I read, the pickups have been changed starting with the 2013 model year and the bridge is also a bit different? Are these changes good?
  2. walldaja


    Apr 27, 2011
    Ibanez is a good brand. The SR300 is a good entry level bass but that's where it is. Biggest issue may be string spacing, a bit tight. I've had several Ibbys but prefer a little more space. One of the other features of Ibby's is their thin neck--it's strong enough, just feels like you're holding a toothpick. I don't hear a wide tonal variation in this bass and sometimes get annoyed with the "boing" sound I get sometimes. I changed from Ibby to Fender to get the sound that I was looking for. Can't address the changes for 13 but doubt they would change them for worse. You may be able to pick up a good used 400 or 500 for the price of a new 300 and they are much improved. Play one and see what you think but also play a couple more. One of the problems in getting a bass is hearing the various basses on the same amp / setting. Good hunting!
  3. Maxdusty


    Mar 9, 2012
    Michigan USA
    Wha?? I responded to the other thread... check it out.
  4. Maxdusty


    Mar 9, 2012
    Michigan USA
    I've had 60 basses but the same amp... so I have to say yes, you've nailed the issue with the bass. Inadequate pickups and electronics for recording (again, not sure if these issues were addressed in the more recent model).
    SR500 does sounds a whole lot better and may be the "minimum" SR model you're looking for considering your intended usage. Buying one used is probably the best and most inexpensive route.
  5. ZenG


    Dec 13, 2013
    Near the fridge
    Don't know what changes they made to the 2013...

    so can't respond on that.

    I answered you in the other post though.
  6. Yes, I read it and thanks for responding. I started this thread because the old one had a very non specific thread title and I thought that's why I wasn't getting many responses.
  7. ImNotJoel


    Jan 12, 2014
    I am an ibanez player myself SRs are nice and as everyone has stated it's entry level but......Is it a good buy? Yes for that price point it's a great buy but basses come down to preference too. Some people and famous musicians prefer lower budget gear they all claim they can get more out of it.

    So great buy man I have played that model focus on the art of making a good tone and treat it as a different instrument and art. From experience I have gotten good tone out of the earlier sr300 and lower budget basses actually played a show with a low end esp and esp doesn't feel good to me just not my taste, but I got the right sound and the show went great.

    Tinker with the bass and get that tone it's a separate art and if you're good at it you can sound good on almost anything. As long as you like the ibanez feel it's a good but for you I know I like the feel of ibanez but everyone has their own taste.

    Never tried the new models but the older ones have a good tonal variety it can growl and be punchy and smooth. The feel is good but that's preference I like the string spacing and thinner neck.