SOLD 2014 EBMM Sabre Classic

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  1. Trabeen

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    Aug 5, 2009
    Made in San Luis Obispo same as I was, although in the spirit of transparency I was probably made out in the hills somewhere and then born a few months later in San Luis Obispo. Iā€™m not gigging as much these days and when I do it is usually with a fiver, the perfect storm for someone looking to add a sweet reissue Sabre to their stable. Beautiful one-piece ash body with a tinted birdseye maple neck and board, a foxy bass. Just strung with a fresh new set of Dunlop Nickels. A reasonable 9.5 pounds, 34ā€ scale with a 1 5/8ā€ nut width, five way switching and two band EQ, I always seem to miss one or two of these build details so please PM me with any questions that you have. In excellent condition as is the molded OHSC, $1275 plus $25 to help put a dent in the shipping.

    8BD15D95-DAA8-435A-B3EE-927F25E6CC08.jpeg 624CFB35-93EA-40A9-8917-6FB9330323EC.jpeg 79AA87A2-0BEE-4748-8C2E-17AA385AF34A.jpeg 010A2B0B-B8BB-4868-83B4-38E9A7ED8EAA.jpeg 32199906-F729-42F5-BABE-191AC57ECA66.jpeg 2A61BAD7-2D2F-4E23-9FB3-C209E367233B.jpeg 2955A2D4-1041-4643-984E-913F9CFDD913.jpeg 1C2B0BDF-E2FD-4D67-8B42-207AC3F7AD25.jpeg
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    Mar 12, 2012
    Good weight, hard to find!
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    Jul 16, 2014