No longer available 2014 Fender Precision Special MIM

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    New Jersey
    2014 Fender Precision Special, black with maple neck. Original Fender pickups with active preamp. Great growl and grind to these pickups. Great playing maple neck with 1.5" jazz bass, nut width. 9.2lbs on my bathroom scale.

    Overall, the bass is in good shape but certainly has some player wear. There's a good amount of buckle rash on the back and some finish dings in the paint which I've pictured. Original owner also routed out some of the body under the pickguard to remove weight. Doesn't look pretty, but is obviously covered by the guard. I did want to disclose it so there's no surprises.

    Lastly, and most important, the pickups are not currently wired. I had put in aftermarket pickups and since removed them. I've put back all the original electronics, but didn't solder them. For someone who knows how to solder, it should be a very simple process.

    Because of the electronics and the wear on the bass, I've priced it accordingly. You can get a really solid instrument at a great price.

    Comes with a Fender gig bag. I can include a used Gator hardcase for $50 if you'd prefer.

    Any questions, feel free to ask.


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