For Sale 2014 Mike Lull M4V Jazz Bass

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    Listing for sale only a Mike Lull M4V in very good condition.

    Just professionally setup with 45-105 rounds wound D’Addario’s

    Bass is 100% functional and weighs 8lbs 2oz.
    Ships with Mike Lull padded gig bag.

    I recently switched out all chrome hardware and replaced it with black hardware order directly from Mike Lull Guitars. (Chrome hardware I not available)

    2014 Build.
    Built for Gelb Music which is where I purchased it from
    Lightweight Alder Body, Rosewood Fingerboard, Maple Neck.
    Original Bartolini pre and original pickups.
    Controls are Volume-Volume-Tone-Stacked Bass/Treble
    Tone pot is also push pull Active-Passive switch.
    1.5” nut
    No longer have chrome hardware

    Some very minor swirling and normal wear.
    Very small chip in headstock as circled in pictures.

    Let me know if you have any questions or if you need any additional information.

    Free Shipping

    Thank you for looking.. View attachment 3457078 View attachment 3457079 View attachment 3457080 View attachment 3457081 D1079D30-9894-4D07-9A97-99C0C02A72AD.jpeg View attachment 3457084 . A24320C7-AB73-46F4-A76F-8D02BFB57188.jpeg B8FDD778-453B-46D0-964B-A33DA6D615AC.jpeg 93D4B550-A96A-4B64-BC7D-A70F16698296.jpeg CE7E4DAD-B0F7-4586-977E-1246817AF71F.jpeg EE69115A-3CAF-4DB6-9888-4756C42611A4.jpeg 57E9CD1D-0AB5-410E-9128-58AFC4FDB7EC.jpeg 2D1D3081-5101-4024-936C-1D7A486D78D2.jpeg 633FF47B-8471-41B4-A3C5-F6BF2542E81D.jpeg BEAF08C1-BC93-49C4-B05B-3A69C1302C46.jpeg C3A00F3C-C980-4530-B562-12EECB98A26B.jpeg E3EE2443-7EF9-4DE8-B700-3BDD2902E2B7.jpeg AC5EB8BC-6215-45FD-B9B2-844DAF447BC6.jpeg F02A807C-D94F-4C08-926A-A5F9651B1FF6.jpeg B36A9F16-50FB-4435-9E65-222E45CDBBF5.jpeg BA059036-E1E5-41C2-85B2-51A0025AF4A7.jpeg 8468E26D-45EC-416D-B3EF-51EF06675C8A.jpeg View attachment 3457080 View attachment 3457081 D1079D30-9894-4D07-9A97-99C0C02A72AD.jpeg
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  2. Good call on the black hardware, bass looks awesome!
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    I wish I had more moola, that’s a real Beauty!!!
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    Looks amazing
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    Wow! Simply gorgeous!
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