For Sale 2014 Music Man Stingray 5H PDN Limited Edition Neptune Blue Roasted Maple Birdseye Neck-Hardcase

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    Questions? please message me-I do not subsrcibe to my threads, I do not get alerts thus questions asked in my thread will be answered at earliest 24+ hours later.

    This is a limited edition bass and It was originally only sold through Music Man's Premier Dealer Network (PDN). It features a mahogany body and heavily figured roasted birdseye maple neck. The neck is the standard Stingray 5 profile. There is something about the Mahogany bodies that just sounds great. The roasted maple necks feel fantastic. The bass has been played, it has some light scratches on the back, a few small little pressure dings here and there and a small ding on the headstock tip which looks worse than it is because its rubbed the roasted look off that area, but overall very minor imperfections on a otherwise beautiful bass. The frets are perfect. The original hardcase is included

    Specs and description per Music Man's website:

    Description:The Neptune Blue color package features African mahogany bodies finished in a custom Neptune Blue finish. The package also includes figured, roasted maple necks and high profile, wide stainless steel frets.

    Body Wood:African Mahogany

    Body Colors:Neptune Blue

    Frets:High Profile, Wide-Stainless Steel

    Neck Wood:Figured Roasted Maple

    Fret Markers:Dots

    Neck Finish:Gunstock oil and hand-rubbed special wax blend

    $1739 Shipped CONUS-contact me about international, if by chance you are between Los Angeles and Portland Oregon I’ll be driving there and back this holiday season


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  2. DA0C41B2-B432-4B9B-8953-F4C7C4F8DCC5.jpeg CB621F05-1714-4056-BA32-CE0523A79A0D.jpeg 5AF924DC-C85C-4117-89D6-F6C26B299036.jpeg 2D1C8C7C-3F68-4698-B2E1-E7D52C07300E.jpeg 904E9BDA-EBAA-4E43-BBF9-F6061CD6D5B0.jpeg 99B80279-2BDF-4EB8-BF77-CB8FB5257058.jpeg 1C6DFE1E-0FEE-461A-865A-12749EDF3E24.jpeg 3B9F55ED-5D8B-4FAD-8AFC-729B77D9005E.jpeg 304B3EA0-B0A2-49C8-8ADA-9C03BD695A6F.jpeg 7FFCDAA2-FD92-44BD-BCE0-999AE6E2E750.jpeg
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  3. 730C1BEF-BE80-4698-B696-2D2C3ADEBB5F.jpeg F0D0D1F8-5949-4126-AB26-117312E3E8C5.jpeg 491A4713-CAE9-4A7F-9058-19F88F69B738.jpeg 05CD0354-FDA0-46C8-9D42-9178DCD43704.jpeg 47C93432-4FC1-45DD-9EBD-5A5B3DAA1094.jpeg 1D9B5CAC-3A2B-440F-8350-29D331A501D6.jpeg 2574B095-7499-487A-870E-457855A0A70F.jpeg 38D32034-502B-4500-AC84-1575FDB31378.jpeg B346527D-A2F5-4FB8-8B03-43ADC48E8964.jpeg 4937B44F-1FED-4557-95DF-510E17DE2EFF.jpeg
  4. BC35D7FA-8FF8-414E-AF91-1C51C73697F7.jpeg F1E23073-AAD3-480D-9B44-37589A0F278A.jpeg 59C771DB-56EE-42F6-9490-72BEE4220F1B.jpeg 503C2F04-02AA-4502-A85C-2DDF836F69DD.jpeg 5F00CEBA-42C6-46B2-91CB-ACA97A40FD02.jpeg A228FC13-1E68-4BB3-B997-F3A7C9B49B4F.jpeg
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  5. A few have inquired and at this time I cant take any trades, I really found a breaking point with how many basses is to many and it was 25 ha
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  6. sleevey55

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    Nov 21, 2009
    Billings Montana
    Gorgeous!! GLWTS!!
  7. StevieM


    May 10, 2016
    Logan, WV
    Man, I'm really diggin' that color. I wonder if clear p/guards are available for MM 5'ers?
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