SOLD 2015 AVRI '63 Precision

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    Selling/Trading my 2014 AVRI '63 Precision. All original except for strap locks that were installed ( will include the originals ). In great condition. There is a slight paint chip and marking underneath the bridge chrome guard ( pictured ), but other then that it is like new.

    Purchased 4 months ago brand new from Zzounds. Not a lot of play time on it and it has not been gigged.

    Weight 8.8 lbs

    I am in need of some Christmas funds this season, so I am letting this one go.

    For trades I would be willing to downgrade for the following:

    MIA Fender Precision + $400-600 pending condition/extras.
    MIM Fender Precision + $800-1000 pending condition/extras.

    PM me with any questions/offers. It's just gotta be a P and preferably not white.

    Paypal/Shipped US

    1.jpg 2.JPG 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 9.jpg 11755116_101515256866301_3664995430788026633_n.jpg image1.JPG image2.JPG
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  3. Sale Pending.

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