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No longer available 2015 Fender American Standard Jazz Neck (Maple fretboard)

Discussion in 'For Sale: Parts, Strings, and Accessories' started by d00dr, Dec 19, 2016.

  1. d00dr

    d00dr Supporting Member

    Jun 25, 2011
    Jamestown, NY
    New York
    Looking to trade the neck off of my 2015 Fender American Standard Jazz, 4-string bass. The neck that's on the bass now has a maple fretboard and I'm looking to trade for a neck with a rosewood board. Neck must be CLEAN!!!

    I can't sell this neck as it's the only one I've got at the moment. If I become desperate and have to order a new one, then I will open this up for sale.

    I'll post pictures once I physically receive the bass. It's currently in transit to me and not actually in my possession yet. Just trying to get a jump start on this:D
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  3. d00dr

    d00dr Supporting Member

    Jun 25, 2011
    Jamestown, NY
    No longer looking to trade necks. Bought another jazz bass with a rosewood board instead:D
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