SOLD 2015 Sadowsky Metroline MV4 - As New!

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  1. Jabassman

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    Here is a Perfectly Mint 2015 Sadowsky Metroline MV4 in the Rare Dark Cherry Metallic color!

    This Metro is only a few months old and still has all the protective plastic on the back.

    This is one of the new MetroLine's with new features added that bring it closer to a NYC.

    -Thicker Headstock and Graphite strips

    Both of these updates dramatically reduce dead spots and create a more even response on every note just like the NYC’s. The older Metro did not have this.

    -Three String Retainer and a side jack that is currently used on NYC's.

    Weighs in at a perfect 8.4 lbs. Nice weight for a Metro.

    This is a good chance for you to save hundreds on a virtually new MetroLine with the latest upgrades.

    One last thing: This MetroLine was setup by Roger Sadowsky himself! It's in the pics.

    Oh, and don't worry, I have another Sadowsky.

    Comes with Sadowsky Gig bag.

    $1950 Shipped!

    2015 Cherry MV4 - 2.jpg 2015 Cherry MV4 - 1.jpg 2015 Cherry MV4 - 3.jpg 2015 Cherry MV4 - 4.jpg 2015 Cherry MV4 - 5.jpg 2015 Cherry MV4 - 6.jpg 2015 Cherry MV4 - 7.jpg 2015 Cherry MV4 - 8.jpg 2015 Cherry MV4 - 9.jpg P1020464.jpg
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    Apr 4, 2011
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    Really like that color
  3. JonKim


    Nov 15, 2011
    Bump for a great member to deal with!
  4. Asyme


    Aug 30, 2010
    Wow! Killer bass. Love the look.
  5. Bump for a great bass, I'm the original owner and wish I could buy her back. Great guy to deal with. GLWTS.