SOLD 2016 Fender American Elite Jazz Bass

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    Here we have an absolutely beautiful American Elite jazz bass, my photos do this no justice. If you haven't tried one of these Elite's yet, prepare to be blown away, I know I was! This is probably the best playing/sounding jazz bass I've ever played, and I've played alot of them!

    So, why am I selling this if it's so amazing? Well, I liked my first Elite so much I bought two! However, now that the GAS has worn off I realize I can't actually afford to have two of these beauties. So, unfortunately, I need to post one of them for sale. I already have another white jazz, so this one gets put up to sell.

    The neck on this bass is as smooth as it gets. With a 9.5" contour that shifts to 14", it makes playing an absolute breeze. The new 10v preamp and 4th generation Noiseless pickups sound beefy, punchy, and clean. These electronics completely blow away the previous American Deluxe basses. Weighs in at 9lbs 8oz. All in all this is an absolute top-notch instrument. You will not be disappointed!

    Overall this bass is in excellent condition but has a few small cosmetic dings on the backside which were very difficult to capture. I tried to get what I could. Unless you're REALLY looking you wouldn't even notice.

    Original Hardshell case included.

    Reasonable offers certainly considered.

    Trade Interests:
    MIA Geddy Lee jazz, American Deluxe/Elite Precision. American Standard Jazz


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    I wish your trade interests included an EBMM SR5!