SOLD 2016 Fender American Standard Jazz Body

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    Dec 11, 2008
    This sale is for a sunburst 2016 Fender American Standard Jazz Body with hardware. The hardware includes strap pins, neck plate, neck screws and mounted stock modern bridge.

    I bought this from a fellow TBer at the beginning of the year but have changed my mind on the intended project. Now I'm selling it to fund another project that I'm waist deep in.

    However, the body is lightweight. Loaded with its included hardware it has a similar feel in weight to a five pound weight. Weight was quoted to me at 5.1 lbs with the included hardware (bridge, neck plate, screws and strap pins) per his original purchase from Stratosphere. On my household scale it comes up between 5.0-5.2. Since it is a household scale I caveat this ad with the following statement - I have no accurate way to validate the exact weight.

    The prior owner had added an additional coat of grounding paint and also lined the cavity with copper tape. My interaction with it has been to look it over initially when I received it and again for this post.

    The first batch of photos are from the prior sale posting and others provided to me by the seller. I will follow up with a couple of my own photos shortly after.

    Reduced to $280 shipped CONUS





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    Dec 11, 2008
    Additional photos of my own including attempts to show the worst of the scuffs/scratches. The long one on the upper horn reaches a little further in each direction.

    Price also reduced. It is in my way and I need it gone.

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    Dec 11, 2008
    Price reduced again