SOLD 2016 Gibson Les Paul Studio - Lightweight!

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    Here we have a gorgeous 2016 Gibson Les Paul Studio in a rare Pelham Blue finish. I really love this guitar, but I haven't played a singlecut in quite a while, so it's time to move on.

    Overall the guitar is in excellent condition with one small ding on the bottom horn which I've pictured here. Slim 60's neck feels and plays great. Pickups have been switched to EMG 57/66 which sound absolutely amazing. I do not have the original pickups. That said, if you'd like the guitar without the EMG's, so you can add your own pickups, I can certainly take money off the price. Message me and we'll discuss. Currently the pickguard is off, but I do have it, and it will be included. Original Gibson hardshell case included.

    A great bonus is that the guitar weighs only 7lbs 13oz, so it's extremely comfortable to play. Every bit of the Les Paul tone without having a boat anchor around your neck!

    Please note, the locking tuners are NOT included. The original tuners will be put back on the guitar prior to shipping.

    Reasonable offers certainly considered. Thank you!


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