No longer available 2017 G&L L-1000 clear green/empress

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  1. craigb

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    Hey Y'all,

    I probably shouldn't do this but what the heck :)

    This is a very nice G&L L-1000 in clear forest green over empress with my favorite 1.5" nut width satin finished skinny neck. It's a feather at 7.0 lbs and is a dream hanging on the strap. Like so many of my recent G&Ls it came to me from bdgotoh and he got it from RocketMusic: Rocket Music - GLL1000ClearForestGreenEmpressSOLD

    It's still in excellent to like new condition with a couple of changes:

    1) I swapped the white pickup cover for a black one which I much prefer
    2) the OMG capacitor has been removed to give true series sound -- I can put it back if you want it that way

    It has some nice features beyond even my never-leaving 50th birthday L1K, in particular the football plate jack (and the empress body). Papers & case included.

    I'd prefer a trade but would sell for $975 shipped lower 48

    Trades I'd consider are:

    - G&L SB-1, SB-2, LB-100, (maybe a JB-2, Kiloton, or L2K): 8.75 lbs or less, 1.5" nut width satin neck (12" radius is best), prefer modern era construction

    Pics coming tomorrow or the day after (depends on sunlight availability here in rainy Texas) Pics are here. Light was not great - any artifacts you see on the bass are reflections of light coming the windows or from the lights on inside.

    cleargreenl1k-angle1.jpg cleargreenl1k-angle2.JPG cleargreenl1k-anglerear.JPG cleargreenl1k-body.JPG cleargreenl1k-bodyrear.jpg cleargreenl1k-headstockfront.JPG cleargreenl1k-jackplate.JPG
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  4. craigb

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    Still not 100% sure I should let this one go :) Maybe I should just wait and buy an SB-1/SB-2/LB-100 later . . .

    Anyway - pics uploaded and trades trimmed down to exactly what I'd want/be interested in
  5. craigb

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    I was breaking too many personal rules letting it go so I'm going to keep it around a while longer -- can't beat that empress weight

    I found some other gear (non-bass) to sell to fund finding what I was looking for so I'll be able to follow my "don't sell one to search for another - have both in hand and decide which to keep" rule
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