SOLD 2017 G&L LB-100 Fullerton Red

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    Greetings! I purchased this bass not too long ago and love it! Unfortunately, one of my dream basses popped up for sale on the classifieds, and I had to get it - so this one has to find a new home.

    This thing plays like a dream.The tone on it is amazing. The original tortoise shell pickguard was changed to this kind of creamy 50's P style color pickguard. The original tort was lost, but I like the cream one so I never replaced it.

    Sale comes with original hardshell case, certificate of authenticity, build sheet, warranty card, and all the case candy. Currently strung with Fender Flats and I will include the original roundwounds and the tools for the bass.

    Let me know if you have any questions! Thank you!

    54C3712D-A519-4282-BB1D-4EB1E7DBAF97.jpeg F816ECF6-BFE9-47F2-803C-8BD288F900DB.jpeg 023FA5F9-C862-4623-B360-894D30662FBF.jpeg 123256BA-DA39-4B26-AA79-1C24F47E523D.jpeg 9341469A-4F5C-460D-9CF5-9771FD297901.jpeg 06211CBE-69A2-494E-B35B-67D657A37121.jpeg 37A70218-DA93-4BB3-A7B4-3E6271D719BF.jpeg EBAAC692-A931-46A4-BC86-49457B504CEA.jpeg 3198E37D-E26F-4BF4-9A71-EDBDED35E6D6.jpeg A7AE9942-10D7-4131-B7E6-74F7EC20C91A.jpeg 27F97692-A25F-4492-9CF7-C1F66E142C1C.jpeg 0958608C-E644-4BBE-94A8-0CDFFB24F354.jpeg 7F279090-AE20-4058-B31D-CBD43F01BAA4.jpeg 95E504E8-75B8-4B66-B9FB-43B4ED1A0B3D.jpeg 69FED5A5-04B4-47E9-B10B-077C071BE6DC.jpeg 68F37369-EB7B-4980-B3BA-DE9919DEBA2D.jpeg
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  2. Price includes shipping with insurance and signature!
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    I’d love that with the tort pg.
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    Aug 1, 2015
    Pm sent
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  5. Bass off to the Bay. Get it before someone else does!:bassist:
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