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SOLD 2017 US MTD Saratoga

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by fedenybass, May 5, 2018.

  1. fedenybass

    fedenybass Supporting Member

    EDC3DFBB-2AD0-450B-AD17-BE7D881D58FB. CC8CB9F3-0A65-4792-AEE9-3AD3DF65DE1F. E57FB2C6-E8C9-470C-A7B4-36EB2BBE3C76. B9125001-7684-4A72-948A-7CA6C41CA7A8. 8D02DC34-7B67-4F92-B570-97E2C1EE4CB9. D02F60BE-4F2B-43ED-A16F-AC45E471A907. 2017 summer NAMM Saratoga #3001. Absolutely smoking player and gorgeous to boot. I just got this bass and love it. Alas, a bass I’ve wanted for a long time just came up for sale so I’m going to post this with the hope I get the cash before it sells. I would entertain trades, but it would have to be something very special (fbass, Sadowsky, Skjold, Le Fey 5 string). I definitely prefer cash, and if the bass I want sells I’m pulling this.

    -34”, 19mm strong spacing, roasted ash body, BEM board, impeccably flamed ash neck and body!...
    1Nordstrand big rig pups (fantastic match with this bass... not too Hi-fi, but clear, articulate, and punchy), active/passive 3 band pre with selectable mids, and tone knob that works in both active and passive mode. I find the passive mode to be extremely relavant and find myself using it often.
    -MTD Protec gig bag, illuminlay side dots, paperwork, and tools. I believe its right at 10lbs. Balances fantastically as you would expect from something created my Michael Tobias. His work is amazing and very detailed! I really enjoy this bass live as it cuts perfectly in a mix! It’s mint.

    FYI: I’m old school, and don’t use PayPal. Please check my feedback if this concerns you. Also,, Please pm me with questions or inquiries. Cheers, Justin!
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