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SOLD 2017 Warrior DM Custom 5

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by bassicg, Feb 23, 2018.

  1. bassicg

    bassicg Supporting Member

    Jul 24, 2006
    Muskegon, MI
    Listing and describing basses is not exactly my favorite thing. As stated in another sale thread of mine, I have a Fodera payment balance due by end of March and if I get a miracle, this little piggy will stay home. Nevertheless, it was a NAAM 2017 instrument. I went through three other Warriors in order to find it. I 1st played Warrior in a neighboring city which I found to be a truly amazing base it played easier than anything that I had ever picked up it was a 6 string which was at my thing at the time and besides I didn't have the funds that they were asking for it. Fast forward to the end of 2016 I bought a use Warrior from Guitar Center which played amazing and sounded good but it seemed to be something missing which prompted me to get ahold of JD to order one from him I love the feel and playability that much! Mind you now, I still had in my arsenal My beloved Ken Smith neck through along with all the other high end basses that I possessed.
    Well, The Warrior that I ordered was absolutely gorgeous and it appeared on J d's website. After receiving it, I wasn't a 100% on the tone but the looks and playability were beyond belief. I contacted JD to select another bass which was this one. I'll be honest I was a little nervous because of the stories I would hear regarding inconsistencies with the Warrior basses. Upon making the deal with this one I had him upgrade the pre amp to the glockenklang and he also added a coil tap switch. I received the bass to plug up with my fingers crossed...."OH MY GOODNESS "!!! I hit the jackpot!! The tone of the bass is just ridiculous it is a cross between a music man Sting Ray and a jazz bass. I don't Think I need to say more about the playability for those of you that's ever touched a Warrior! It's simple not many basis regarding the price plays easier!! I really don't know how JD accomplishes it the strings are barely off the frets but there is absolutely no buzz whatsoever! I've sold and traded quite a few basis since I bought this Warrior Simply because I just couldn't get myself to part with it. There it is I said it!

    Neck-5 pc maple/ walnut
    Top-Private Vault Flame Maple
    Body- Aged Alder
    Fretboard-Maccaser Ebony w/Paua purfling inlay
    Pick ups- Bartolini w/ custommatching maple covers
    Pre amp- Glockenklang

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