2018 Fender Custom Shop Postmodern Precision Bass - Lost by FedEx in San Jose, CA.

Discussion in 'Lost & Stolen Gear' started by BassIan, Jul 26, 2021.

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    Apr 27, 2003
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    I've recently sold an amazing 2018 Fender Custom Shop Postmodern Precision Bass to a fellow TB'er. After a couple of weeks of patiently working with FedEx, their Trace department came back and advised me the package is lost and I should submit a claim. I'm working through that now.

    SN on the Neck Plate (I know these aren't unique but I doubt anyone's got the same number in this bass) is 2110.

    The ad: SOLD - 2018 Fender Custom Shop Postmodern Precision

    What I know is:
    - The package was picked up from my local FedEx store in San Jose.
    - The package was supposed to travel by truck to Tracy, CA, then be loaded on a train to the east coast.
    - The package was loaded on the truck, but never arrived in Tracy, CA. San Jose depot, Tracy, and the train destination (Connecticut I think?) have not turned up the package.

    What I don't know is:
    - Did FedEx just lose track of a bass box sized & properly packed/labeled box?
    - Did someone just take it off the FedEx truck?

    Posting here so if such a bass pops up, any potential buyer knows of its history and can take the right investigative steps to validate its backstory.

    Super bummed, your pal, BassIan.

    Fender Custom Shop Precision SN 2110 - Case and Extras.jpg