SOLD 2018 Fender Flea Road Worn Jazz Bass NECK Rosewood Nitro Finish Relic, Free Shipping

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    Sep 13, 2007
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    Official Fender Flea Road Worn Jazz Bass Neck, Tinted Maple w/ Rosewood Fingerboard, "C" Shape- 7.25" Radius (184.1 mm), 20 Vintage Frets, 34" Scale Length (864 mm), 1.5" Width at Nut (38.1 mm), Road Worn Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish

    Purchased this neck for an assembly project bass for a band that fell through.

    No bows, warps, twists, or ramps. Truss rod works smoothly both directions.

    Note: Nut is slotted for heavy gauge strings.

    Price Shipped CONUS, PayPal.

    9061244A-4BB9-4E06-BEFC-A331BFCCAE79.jpeg A6C99D58-898C-46B7-97DC-5BC001803A2B.jpeg A46D194F-B970-49A0-B506-2313F67407B1.jpeg AD0B9142-C79C-43CE-AFAE-50F6A51C5DC0.jpeg A62C44C2-185D-49F8-8A3B-B642AB3E2087.jpeg 947DDF9B-598B-48CA-B48F-7891CA71D8D5.jpeg

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