TRADED 2018 Fodera Emperor Standard 6_PRICE REDUCTION

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    I am letting go this 2018 Emperor Standard bass. ES6046. It sounds great. It convinced me to buy another Fodera, though with tighter string spacing and perhaps a 5. I am not the original owner. I've had it for just a few months after I got it from somebody on TB. I haven't taken it out of my house except to take to Fodera for a setup. It came with a few very tiny dings (see pic) but overall in excellent shape. Weight is 10.2 lb. IMG_4567.JPG It would make a 6-string player very happy!. PayPal OK, buyer pays shipping. Firm. Not in a rush to sale.

    ◦ Medium weight Ash body
    ◦ Maple Neck/ Pau Ferro FB
    ◦ 5A Flame Maple Top
    ◦ Fodera / Duncan Dual Coil Pickups
    ◦ Fodera / Pope 3-Band Standard Preamp
    ◦ 34 inch scale, 24 large frets, 6-strings
    ◦ Gold Fodera 17.5mm Standard Bridge

    Here are some videos of me playing this bass:


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