SOLD 2019 Limited Edition Lightweight Ash American Pro Jazz Bass - 7.6lb

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  1. rushproject


    Nov 30, 2018
    Boston, MA
    This one is special. I must be such a creep to sell it. But the truth is I can't get used to it's tone, it is not like the 2012 Alder body Fender Standard J with custom shop pickups, which for some weirdo-ish reasons I identify as sound of Fender J. Looks like ash + V-Mod pickups combination is not quite my cup of tea.

    7.6lb - feels like a toy in my hands.

    Mint condition, protective film is still on the pickguard. Comes in original hard case with all tools, certificate and case candies.

    Price includes shipping to CONUS. guitars5110.jpg guitars5108.jpg guitars5116.jpg guitars5114.jpg guitars5112.jpg guitars5113.jpg guitars5121.jpg
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  2. Warpeg


    Jun 20, 2005
    Is that aged cherry burst, sienna sunburst, or?
  3. rushproject


    Nov 30, 2018
    Boston, MA
    According to Fender Sienna Sunburst is the only option:

    Limited Edition Lightweight Ash American Professional Jazz Bass | Electric Basses

    That said, it is not true sienna to my eye, the color is closer to aged cherry, this is how Fender describes color of the 2003 Precision Deluxe shown on my avatar. Both pictures made by using the same equipment, lit by the same strobe, and white balance set using the same gray card. If these color shades matter for you, I can send raw photo with gray card in front of the bass. With fairly well calibrated monitor you should be able to see the color exactly how it will look like if performing outdoors.
  4. rushproject


    Nov 30, 2018
    Boston, MA
    Back by popular demand.

    Almost traded it. But decided to try custom shop pickups first. Got almost the same tone as my 2012 J. Happily decided to keep, as that early eighties appearance was what drove me nuts to begin with.

    Unfortunately keeping two Js featuring essentially the same tone is not an option for me. So, after playing this lightweight wonder for a couple days picked up my old Jazz for sales photo shoot, plugged it in, and ...

    well it feels like home. I can't explain this. Same strings, tone is essentially the same. Similar setup. The only difference aside of weight and appearance are frets - narrow tall on 2019 by specs, although look the same to my eyes and feels mostly the same.

    Loaded with original V-Mod pickups. Up for sale again.
  5. Eric Jacobson

    Eric Jacobson

    Sep 19, 2018
    Question to anyone that owns it or has owned it. Does it suffer from neck dive? Does it sound the same as the regular alder version of the jass bass professional?
  6. rushproject


    Nov 30, 2018
    Boston, MA
    No neck dive. Do not know how it compares to alder version of pro. Did not do A/B recording when swapping pickups, but my feeling is that pickups matter the most. I would keep it in configuration with custom shop pickups if not tall frets.