TRADED 2020 Stauts Graphite Music Man neck,unloaded made in England

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    IMG_0284.jpg IMG_0285.jpg IMG_0286[586].jpg IMG_0288.jpg IMG_0283.jpg Status graphite neck,custom made in England. Got in a hurry,and got this neck,for the US SUB body. I was trying to locate,an original type neck for the body,and didn't notice a TBer mentioned he had the neck,for this particular body.So due to my OCD,I might be able to get the neck from the TBer,which I have located him,and am trying to buy it from him. I already have the graphite neck installed on the 2004 US SUB body,with 6 mounting holes,and have the Music Man tuners,drilled on installed. Neck will be sold,without tuners. Music Man tuners,were $133.00,so may keep them for the original SUB neck. Ferrules for the tuner holes will come with the neck. Know some of you all, will tell me rather have the Status graphite neck,I suppose. I accept Paypal,for payment any questions PM me.
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