No longer available 2021 EBMM Stingray Special 4H Amethyst Sparkle

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  1. Wolfomatic

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    Oct 22, 2022
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    2021 Ernie Ball MusicMan Stingray Special 4H in Amethyst Sparkle. This bass is in excellent condition with no issues that I’m aware of. This is my first stingray, and while it is a fantastic bass, I’m wanting to move to a jazz bass with a thinner nut width and passive pickups. Might trade for the right nitro finish jazz bass, but I’d prefer to sell outright.

    The 'ray weighs 8lb 12oz says my kitchen scale.

    Asking $1900 shipped CONUS. Feel free to PM me with questions or photo requests.

    I’ve got much more activity and all 5 star feedback on reverb - if you’d like to check me out there PM me and I’ll send a link over. Thanks for looking!

    244E778E-7481-4C2E-A954-39C3E0B9F2FE.jpeg 85F38098-B70C-40BB-A485-91065D0C4751.jpeg E34DE01F-5A1A-4CAC-84E9-4A35B058E0B3.png 0613C186-527E-4385-959C-C52506431106.jpeg 73BF2EF0-09CE-461C-BAF9-0B42D94E700E.jpeg 7AE046A0-1503-44F0-9FDE-294C23FEE82D.jpeg 1C7693E0-1B1F-4348-98C4-5A8B3B3BDE3F.jpeg E52C347B-50D5-4B81-B86A-C284A2ECB619.jpeg F5BA5EF8-0648-4CF7-94B1-DB6FA2F8F0DA.jpeg 2152CEA7-8108-46F6-B669-CDE6610F18F8.jpeg
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    Dec 19, 2004
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    That color is just insanely cool.
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  3. Bamabassit


    Jul 1, 2020
    And I guess I will be the 1st much does she weigh in at??
  4. Wolfomatic

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    Oct 22, 2022
    8lb12oz says my kitchen scale. Original post updated.
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  5. Erik herman

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    Dang, even a gold truss rod wheel??