SOLD 2021 Rickenbacker 4003 Jetglo

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    I very recently received this 2021 Rickenbacker 4003 in Jetglo from Wildwood Guitars on 7/8/21.

    Bass is pretty much exactly how I received it from Wildwood, stickers and all, other than a tiny mark I noticed near the upper horn (see pics).

    0B408D6D-3DF2-429E-B05C-9741459B7BBC.jpeg 70C76226-5643-4E68-B069-31D520BE0DE7.jpeg F28BD9FC-C32C-4B97-9B00-A87FE77712A1.jpeg 190DB43A-2C54-4BB2-8716-5CA1BFE3225E.jpeg 4CCBA91D-6784-4BB9-870D-4BA8A880A66E.jpeg 92069E8B-E188-45EE-B0D9-D65BEDFEEF4C.jpeg 5023C7CF-627A-4E01-8960-F3C0AAA2D22C.jpeg 5D6E048E-2830-45F5-ABE9-E5DF0BD04D65.jpeg

    Super cool bass, sounds excellent and plays nicely, but I am more comfortable on a jazz bass and currently don’t have one in the rotation. I’d like to have both, but need to limit to one or the other at the moment.

    Opening this up for sale now:
    $1750 shipped CONUS. PayPal or Venmo for payment please.

    If you have a Moollon J-Classic I’d love to trade 4003+cash for the right one.

    I may also consider a trade for something like an American Standard jazz + cash coming my way.

    Might consider a trade for the right older 2-band stingray. I’d be looking for an older one with the bridge mutes, etc.

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    Very Nice!!
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