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For Sale 20th/21st Century Bass Scores and Other Music Megasale

Discussion in 'For Sale: Double Bass Amps, Strings, & Accessories' started by benharrisfan, Mar 28, 2021.

  1. benharrisfan


    Sep 27, 2009
    Hi everyone, I'm selling a bunch of 20th and 21st century pieces written for the bass (along with a few other pieces of music) to clean out some items at home. The scores look brand new, unless noted, and I've tried to price them below what you would pay for them otherwise to help move units and give a good deal. Feel free to group the music together to make offers and thanks for looking!

    Solo Works

    Luciano Berio (1925—2003) - Sequenza XIVb, for solo double bass (2006) $20
    Chester Biscardi (b.1948) - Companion Piece, for double bass and piano (1989) $10
    Paul Chihara (b.1938) - Logs, for solo double bass or 2 or more players (1966) $10
    Pascal Dusapin (b.1955) - In & Out, for solo double bass (1989) $20
    Brian Ferneyhough (b.1943) - Trittico per G.S., for solo double bass (1989) $20
    Bruno Giner (b.1960) - Kern, for solo double bass (1995) $5
    Michael Gordon (b.1956) - Paint it Black, for solo double bass (1988) $10
    Otto Luening (1990-1996) - Sonata for Solo Double Bass (1966) $5
    Otto Luening - Suite for Bass and Piano (1958) $5
    Hans Werner Henze (1926—2012) - S. Biagio 9 agosto ore 12.07, for solo double bass (1977) [A few erased markings, hardly noticeable] $5
    Heinz Holliger (b.1939) - unbelaubte Gedanken zu Holderlins ‘Tinian’, for solo double bass (original version, 2002) $5

    Tom Johnson (b.1939) - Doublings for Double Bass, for solo double bass (1980) $5
    Tom Johnson - Tilework, for solo double bass (2003) $5
    Ned Rorem (b.1923) - Nocturne for Double Bass and Piano (2007) $5
    Giacinto Scelsi (1905-1988) - Nuits, for solo double bass (C’est Bien La Nuit and Le Reveil Profond) (1972) $15
    Christian Wolff (b.1934) - Look She Said, for solo double bass (1991) $10
    Christian Wolff - String Bass Exercise (Out of ‘Bandiera Rossa’), for solo double bass (1975) $10
    Evan Ziporyn (b.1959) - Hval, for solo double bass (2007) $10

    Chamber works

    William Bolcom (b.1938) - Fairytales, for viola, cello, and double bass (1988) [Score and parts] $30
    Pascal Dusapin (b.1955) - Anacoluthe, for voice, bass clarinet, and double bass (1988) [Score] $10
    Philippe Fénelon (b.1952) - Notti, for voice and double bass (1991) $8
    Kenneth Gabruo (1926—1993) - Two, for mezzo soprano, alto flute, and double bass (1962) $8
    Philip Glass (b.1937) - Prelude to End Game, for double bass and timpani (1984) $8
    Teppo Hauta-aho (b.1941) - Gunthorpe Phantasy III, for viola and double bass (1990) [Score] $5
    Ahti Karjalainen (1923-1990) - Concertino No.2, for viola and double bass (1976) [Score] $5
    Donald Martino (1931—2005) - Cinque Frammenti, for oboe and double bass (1961) $5
    Ivan Moody (b.1964) - Klama, for viola and double bass (1996) $5
    Jon Øivind Ness (b.1968) - Gust, for viola and double bass (2006) $8
    Giacinto Scelsi - Dharana, for cello and double bass (1975) $18
    Giacinto Scelsi - Et maintenant c'est a vous de jouer, for cello and double bass (1974) $18
    Giacinto Scelsi - Kshara, for two double basses (1975) $18
    Atli Heimir Sveinsson (1938-2019) - Dúó Rapp, for viola and double bass (2004) [Score and parts] $10
    James Tenney (1934-2006) - Canon for Contrabass Quartet (1973) $8
    Christian Wolff - Dark as a Dungeon, for trombone and double bass (1977) $10
    Christian Wolff - Grete, for one or more players (free instrumentation) (2007) $5
    Christian Wolff - Jasper, for violin and double bass (1991) $18
    Charles Wuorinen (1938-2020) - Spinoff, for violin, double bass, and congas (1983) $20
    Charles Wuorinen - Trio for Bass Instruments, for bass trombone, tuba, and double bass (1981) $15
    Charles Wuorinen - Turetzky Pieces, for flute, clarinet, and double bass (1960) $18
    Iannis Xenakis (1922-2001) - Morsima-Amorsima, for violin cello, double bass, and piano (1962) [Score] $20

    Dvorak - String Quintet (International Edition) [Erased marks in the double bass part, but the other parts are clean. Some damage to the binding of the folder that holds the parts] $10

    Gary Karr - Five Russian Songs, for mezzo soprano, double bass, and piano [The five songs recorded by Gary Karr and Jennie Tourel, two songs by Glinka and 3 by Tchaikovsky, published by Slava Publishing] $15

    Other Books and Etudes

    Jeff Bradetich - Double Bass: The Ultimate Challenge [Has some binding damage, but otherwise in great condition. It also comes with his technical exercises packet.] $20
    Simandl - Gradus ad Parnassum, Book II $8

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    Last edited: Apr 1, 2021
  2. Contranash

    Contranash Supporting Member

    Jun 28, 2011
    Kansas City
    Hey dude,

    Can I get that Henze S biagio, the Scelsi Nuit and the Holliger?

    All bucket listers.

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