20th Anniversary Stingrays

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  1. Bass Palace has a nice one that costs $1489 with the pick guard taken off (it's included). I was wondering:
    1) if anyone has played on or owns one
    2) if so, what they though of it
    3) if $1489 is a good price for this bass

    Thanks in advance,
  2. snyderz


    Aug 20, 2000
    AZ mountains
    There was an anniversary MM Stingray on ebay buy it now that didn't get met for $1285. Number was 1450274966. Maybe you can contact seller and get a deal.
  3. ldiezman

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    Jul 11, 2001
    The anniversary stingray's are good.. but they can be had for less than what bass palace offers.. I like bass palace.com I even met the man once. but sometimes I think the prices are way too high.. is it just me? you can find the same basses at different prices... However, he does have some good tech's that really know how to tweak instruments to make them sing...
  4. Bassline.
    I bought two new Anniversary Ray’s in late ’96 & early ’97 for £1,595 ($2,264) ex case, and £1,700 ($2,414) inc. beige tolex case. The reason I bought the second was because I loved the first one so much, plus it had a better figured maple top. These basses have the classic Stingray sound with perhaps an added brightness from the maple top and swamp ash body.
    Having owned 2 pre and 5 EB Ray’s, the Anniversary is the best Ray I have ever played or seen.

    According to Zak at Ernie Ball, only 1246 were ever made.

    Regarding price I would have hoped that these Anniversary’s would have become more collectable and risen in price, but after deciding to sell my first one about a year ago I realised after about five ads with no replies that it wasn’t going to be easy to sell for my asking price of £1,200 ($1,874).
    In the end I swapped it for two 4003 Ric’s one ’73 and one ’92 which I later sold for £1500 ($2,130), so luckily I got my money back. Bear in mind that basses cost more here in the UK.

    My one has also the pickguard removed, to put it back on you have to heat it, no screws.
    Here’s some pics.

    Bottom line these are great basses, but for a couple of hundred $’s more you could probably buy a second hand Sadowsky, I have both and as much as I love the Anny, I prefer my Sadowsky.

  5. boogiebass


    Aug 16, 2000
    Spike, that thing sure is beautiful!
  6. Thanks boogiebass.

    You can see why I had to buy it, even though I had already bought the first one a few months earlier.
    Hope I never have to sell this bass.
  7. Thanks for the advice, all. I think I'm just going to get a used standard Stingray , as $1500 bucks for a Stingray is a little pricey, even if it is a beautiful bass. That way I'll have about 600-700 extra bucks.