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210 combo: Eden, Ashdown, SWR, Aguilar

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Groove*Rocket, Apr 26, 2001.

  1. I'm leaning toward a 210 combo to use with or without my 8 ohm JBL 115 (K140) cab. I would like warm growl with articulate mids and highs and full bottom. I may also want to call my SVT 810 into action and switch out the 210 or 115.

    I can not possibly compare these four combos in the same space. The Eden Metro offers the dual pre-amps (tube and SS). The Ashdown ABM-C210H-500 has the subharmonizer, which many seem to like. The SWR Super Redhead has some nice ease of use features and has also recieved many favorable comments. Similarly many prefer the Aguilar sound. Putting cost aside for the time being, what are the compelling arguements to help me drive my decision?
  2. Perhaps everyone is getting a tad tired of hashing over these combos in the threads, but I'm hoping for some direct comparison discussion here. I suspect that some of you bassists live in proximity to some excellent shops that allow a side-by-side comparison. I would appreciate gaining from your experience.

  3. Bernie


    Dec 12, 1999
    I think the problem is youve got the "murderers row" lineup of combos thing goin here.They're ALL GREAT!!!Trying them with your bass(s) is about all anyone can offer on this one.Good luck!
  4. MikeyD


    Sep 9, 2000
    I think Carvin's RC210 is a nice combo, but IMO the 10" drivers could be better. The amp (R600) is really nice - few complaints about that. If cost is not an object, one way would be to get the combo and buy some much better 10" drivers for it - e.g., some Eminence Delta series for it. I'm considering doing that myself - if I can ascertain that they will work well in that cabinet. But right now, the combo is doing just fine in the stack I'm using (with either the Carvin 1x18 in rehearsal or Eden 2x15 in gigs), so I will procrastinate more.

    Good luck in your search!
    - Mike
  5. rickbass

    rickbass Supporting Member

    As for the Ashdown, you may find construction and top end are the considerations that leave you disappointed, as I was (tried their 500W head with two different cabs). If I knew it wasn't going to be carted off somewhere all the time, it would be okay but the price hike due to the fact it's an import put me off even further. The sub-harmoniser doesn't sound artificial and really adds another dimension to the bottom. What top end there was seemed too "boxy" for my taste, which could partly be a result of the relatively thin cab walls.

    If you like "fat" the Aguilar will send you to heaven. Plus, they are built like a tank and each amp is thoroughly inspected by tech's to ensure they meet advertised spec's.

    Munji may be here soon to tell you Eden. VERY nice, but not Aguilar-nice, IMO.

    BTW, I don't own any of the choices, but would like to when the day comes that I can know where my amp is and who has access to it 24/7, unlike the present.
  6. Rickbass,

    The fact that you trued the Ashdown with two cabs and still left the highs lackiong suggests to me that it may not be the cabs, but the pre-amp/amp? Were both of the tested cabs from Ashdown? What were there speaker configs? Is it possible that the amp/pre-amp with the subharmonizer is sufficiently compelling to match that with an Eden or Aguilar cab to get the best of both worlds?


  7. rickbass

    rickbass Supporting Member

    groove - Yeah, one was their ABM-C115 (I think that's right), for 500W and their C210. The high freq's where the reason why I asked to try the 10's. I tried EQ'ing it. I think they were the Ashdown cabs without horns, so that could very well be the reason. (BTW, they weren't used Ashdowns).

    As for the deep end, the Aguilar is a dimension alone, IMO, even with the Ashdown's sub-harmoniser engaged. If the import impact on price wasn't there, they would be much more attractive, at least to me. Moreover, the construction thing. Even my Carvins are fortresses in comparison. I can only imagine what result a Tech 21 Bass Driver+Aguilar would achieve.
  8. Hey Rickbass,

    What aspect of the Aguillar equipment do you thinkl contributes greatest to their sound? Pre-amp. power amp, or cab? I know you are a Carvin owner. The R1000 is a great price. If I were to combine that with an Aguilar pre and a 210 or 410 cab from Aguilar or Eden would I achieve nirvana? Or, is the Aguillar sound a reflection of "the complete package"? How much mixing and matching of components have you considered?
  9. rickbass

    rickbass Supporting Member

    groove - I'm a tech idiot compared to the tech idiot-savants around here, like MikeyD, Spacegoat, throbbinnut, brianrost, Joris, et al. So, the only way I can respond is, voodoo and the alignment of the planets when they are made. Roger Sadowsky said of their Tube Bass Preamp, "...the best piece of bass amplification I have heard and brings audiophile quality to bass gear." (Sorry, if I left out a word or two). So, I haven't ever seen it explained in other than lay terms. Dann Glenn is one of their big name endorsers, so you might see if he can/will explain it in his forum. Also, another TalkBasser, jvtwin, recently got one and he seems to have achieved nirvana.

    From reading the backgrounds of the founders of Aguilar and what they've said, I would venture to say the head is the bigger factor, so I wouldn't expect too much more from a Carvin head and an Aguilar cab, above what the Carvin head already delivers with a Carvin cab. Sure, it would be sweeter than straight Carvin, but why not go first class all the way?

    Personally, I'm shy to mix and match. I think in GOOD amplification, there is a fundamental concept of design and of the final sound that often gets missed when different gear is matched. I know of some players with sound to die for with mixed gear, but they usually arrived at their destination by going through a lot of gear and $$$ along the way. Aguilar introduced a new line, the GS series, at the 2000 NAAMM. I think those are an attempt to make their gear more accessible, like SWR's LA series.

    IMO, you are fortunate to have any of these amps as a serious consideration.
  10. RB - Thanks for your thoughts and insights. You don't need to be "tech savvy" to know what sounds good. I appreciate being able to choose amongst such great gear. Nevertheless, I do not want to go about it willy nilly. That is why I have posted the issues to this great forum. I have been told that the Aguilar sound is largely due to their incredible pre-amp. My feeling is if I can get the same great sound without a large tube power amp, then I want to chack that avenue out. I am interested to see if others have thoughts on these issues.

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