210 vs. 115 ?

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  1. I'm debating on going to a GK combo (400RB 115)that is a 115 vs. a 210. After looking in some TB threads, it's kind of confusing to determine which is the better choice.

    Obviously, I could go with a 210, and then purchase a 115 later. For now, I'm wanting to make a purchase that makes sense. Advice is needed because little actually does makes sense. :p

    I like a nice low end, I also like the low end not to be overly muddy. Does a 210 do that good of a job with the real low-end freqs like a 115 would? Without knowing much, common sense tells me that I'm going to get a better low-end with a 115 than a 210. Is this true? Am I way off base thinking this way.

    Please help...this uncertainty is giving me a genuine headache. :confused: Why? I've absolutely got to purchase a good bass amp combo in the next week over the Internet without even trying it out beforehand (lack of time and a local guitar shop).

    Thanks for any help. Tod :)
  2. steve-o

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    Apr 17, 2002
    if this helps any the 210 goes lower than the 15.
    and you can adjust the bottom end.
    i bought a 410 and it goes lower than my 15 not as much bass but it is enough so you can hold of and get a 15
    my 2 cents