$25,000 Gene Simmons Bass

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  1. I forgot to mention, this is a local CL ad I ran across yesterday evening. Still shaking my head over it.
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    Gene has sold out his entire run of autographed Cort Gene Simmons Axe basses at $5K a pop. Think about it. Not the greatest made bass on this planet by a long shot, and not even really played by him at all.

    If this bass really is the real deal, $25K is probably about right, to the right KISS fan and collector.
  3. Herrick


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    People pay thousands of dollars for vintage instruments played by no one famous...why not pay a ridiculous price for a vintage bass played by one's hero?
  4. Someone will buy it... Can't imagine what a place like Hard Rock pays for an SRV strat.

    I've played the axe cort --- and no thank you.
  5. Seller did his home work -- hats off to him.
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    Id take more care of it then putting it upside down on a wooden floor!
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    Oct 5, 2010
    It's cool and nothing against Gene, but I honestly could think of many other better things to blow that kind of money on...but that's me.
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    Feb 17, 2012
    I'm in Hampton Roads also, I've seen this add on CL for a few weeks now.

    It's definitely a cool bass if it's all 100% legit, and I could definitely see some Kiss fan paying the money for it. There are some die hard Kiss fans out there.

  9. I agree. I mean,a Grabber isn't exactly THE MOST sought after vintage axe (I'm not knocking them,I owned one for years). But,if your're gonna shell out that amount of money,it may as well be played/owned by someone famous,along with being vintage.