SOLD *250 Shipped!* Steal this bass please! Ibanez SR400EQM (Faded Blue Burst)

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    Sep 24, 2014
    Boston, MA
    So this is the last bass I have on the chopping block, thanks everyone for supporting me with the accident & my daughters 1st Birthday party (Coming up in 3 Weeks! Crazy....)

    Back to the bass,
    It’s in Great condition, some light pick scratching on the front and on the back there’s some light surface scratches but you have to look in the right light to see them.
    Also, there’s one area on the back of the neck where it had been sitting on a stand. The rubber left a blemish....

    Great sounding active EQ, super light @ 7.5 lbs and is a really easy bass to play. Action is low with no buzzing, just a great bass for the $.

    PRICED TO SELL @ $275 shipped CONUS, or $300 with a Premium Warwick Gig Bag. Super thick padding & plenty of pocket space.
    Any questions don’t Hesitate to ask....

    Would be willing to do a partial trade if you have any pedals. I’m pretty open, worst I can say is no!
    F5FEE0BE-560D-4F50-9484-D05F9BB5F339.jpeg B230DFB9-0F31-497D-8CA9-53929D941483.jpeg AB1280A3-FF03-4BB4-9511-EA55C01A3B09.jpeg 4F42FBDA-1A5B-4329-83A9-A10B5428F49C.jpeg 155D3CA4-D59E-4DC9-A47D-74196DE32D2E.jpeg D9038B6F-839C-4D41-9866-7AD6F950EB32.jpeg DD48E170-0412-4DFF-B418-D64D4AEE0432.jpeg 8F8217CC-7626-49D4-9B94-67B40B3EC435.jpeg 56FFB8A0-969B-4DFE-9294-081B4EB29597.jpeg FDBCF39B-655A-4DAF-B09B-427338960E78.jpeg 021167E9-66AE-48A3-ADBE-D3F2158772B6.jpeg FD8DDB45-62BB-4849-8C3D-D0C1022260D9.jpeg 63E9D4BD-C477-4D0C-9A3C-58F8BC8994AE.jpeg
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  2. PRS-Man23

    PRS-Man23 Supporting Member

    Sep 24, 2014
    Boston, MA
    Lowered to $275 Shipped Conus!
    Smokin deal...