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2nd Hand Cabinets (or new ?)

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by PaulF, Jan 1, 2005.

  1. PaulF


    Nov 17, 2004

    I've been looking on both Ebay and local 2nd hand music stores at bass cabs.

    Can anyone give me any opinions about the relative quality of these cabs:

    Peavey 15" 4ohm 350w Black Widow cabinet (£100 in shop)

    Peavey 15" 4ohm 200w Scorpion cabinet (ebay - £160 'buy it now' or maybe less on bidding?)

    Ashdown ABM EVO 500W combo (without the amplifier - speaker only) - Blue Line speaker (ebay - bidding from £125 upwards)

    Trace Elliot 15" speaker rated at 200 watts, 8 ohms - (ebay bidding up from £80)

    David Eden 18" speaker - D118XL Specs Speakers EC-1800 Cast Frame Tweeters N/A Crossover N/A Power Handling 500W RMS Frequency Response 42Hz - 2.5KHz Sensitivity 100dB SPL Impedance 8Ω Dimensions 23”w x 27.5”h x 18.5”d Weight 74 LBS (ebay - 'buy it now' price £350 or maybe less on bidding?)

    Ashdown ABM 210H extension cabinet. 2 x 10" speakers + HF horn, and is rated at 300W power handling @ 8ohms. The horn has switchable sound characteristics - (ebay - buy it now price £225, bidding up from £150)

    My other alternatives are maybe some of the new Behringer Bass Cabs (probably a 1x15).

    Any views on the comparabe quality of these various types of speakers would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Dan Knowlton

    Dan Knowlton Sarcasm: Just ONE of the many services I offer! Gold Supporting Member

    IMHO, I'd go with the Ashdown 15 over the others. I use an Epifani 2x12 most of the time, but keep one of the Ashdowns on hand as I like the tone I can get with it. Compared to Ashdown ABM series Peavey is crap!

    Dan K.
  3. PaulF


    Nov 17, 2004
    Thanks Dan

    I thought I'd *bump* this back to the top and see if anyone else has any opinions...

    Dan has advised Ashdown above Peavey, but where do Trace Elliot speakers come in the grand scheme of things ??

    I'm very close to deciding on a new Behringer BX3000T for my head, but I'll probably have to look at 2nd Hand Speaker Cabs to start of with (unless I look at the Behringer Cabinets - anyone tried those ??)

    Any views welcome...


  4. I wouldn't get too jumpy about the ebay stuff. You never know which way it will go. Plus it can make one impulsive :eyebrow:

    The PV 15 BW sounds like your wise choice. It's cheaper than the ebay one, plus you get to try it out and maybe dicker on ot.
    I had a PV 115BX BW 8 ohm and it was a great sounding and preforming speaker. (Played my B string well!)

    I also had the Eden 118xl and it was muddy sounding. Very wooly in the low end.
  5. amper


    Dec 4, 2002
    A couple of things...

    First of all the designer for Ashdown is/was the designer for most of Trace Elliot's bass products. Quality is comparable, but you should know that Trace Elliot's cabs were all made from MDF, which makes them heavy as hell.

    Second, the trouble with buying cabs second hand is the shipping. Pick it up if you can.
  6. Hey PaulF, I think I just brought the ABM 2x10 you were looking at, sorry, £165 seem like a pretty good price though. If your interested though I have a Peavey 4x10, and a Peavey 2x10 I need to sell. Maybe £100 each???
  7. PaulF


    Nov 17, 2004
    Hi rougeporn

    I decided not worry about the 2x10 as I think I need a 1x15 first (and then maybe a 2x10 afterwards).

    I assume you've bought the Ashdown because you think they're better than the Peavey cabs ??

    I'm still not sure which way I'm going with stuff yet, but thanks for the offer - I certainly don't want a 4x10, but the 2x10's a slight possible in the future. if you can sell them then do so, but when I'm looking for a 2x10 I may PM you find out if you've still got them

    Cheers mate - hope you're please with the Ashdowns...