2ohm cabs sets

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  1. well yea, im buying a amp in the future and i need a 2 cab setup that will get 2ohms meaning 4ohms each, the 4x10 isnt hard to find but im trying to get a 1x18 in 4ohms. could any of you suggest a 2cab(same company) in the price range of 800 used is cool
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    Jan 27, 2002
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    Ill blow out your price limit and tell you to try 2 Ampeg 810 cabs. I did.
  3. What are you trying to accomplish with such a setup ? what power amp setup do you have ?
  4. The Ampeg SVT-810AV is a sealed cabinet and will have its impedance peak in the low range. This will be many times higher than 2 ohms. FWIW.
  5. i might get a sunn1200s which is 1200 watts at 2ohms and im basically trying to accomplish volume and headroom-the 4x10 i want a low-mid range thump that it self has alot of bass and a 18 incher that just knocks someone on there rump!
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    a 4 ohm cab + an 8 ohm cab equals a 2.67 load. if you can run at two ohms you don't need a 4 ohm 18. I know that carvin makes a 4 ohm single 15 without the horn or anything for about $329, but they are not well liked for the most part around these parts. i've never played it myself so i can't say.
  7. well i would like to get the full power out of the amp and 2.67 ohms might affect the power supply plus i want something that can handle it fully-if the sunn1200s cant fully power at 2.67 im all for it.