2tek Bridge and Acacia Gruv body

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    Here's a wierd one... I have a virtually brand new 2tek bridge, the last model before production was discontinued. Very light weight (for a 2tek that is)The only time it's ever been used is in the body it's in now, which is... An Acacia Gruv body (I believe it's ash), I bought it as a left over from the acacia shop b/c Matt made it, finished in in a beautiful see thru purple finish, routed it for pick-ups and a 2tek bridge, but 2tek had gone out of business before he could use it. I drilled holes for mounting the neck, but the neck I have doesn't match up with it and I'm not going to take the time any time soon to make a new neck for it. I made a very crappy walnut control cavity cover and fully sheilded the cavity with copper tape and conductive paint, but it was mainly a test piece for my lutherie skills. It's in great shape and all it needs is a small amount of work plus a neck to get it going and make a smokin' bass out of it. Asking $250 obo

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    you have a pm