2x10 + 2x10 or 2x10 + 1x10

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  1. I am in such a dilemma. I am going to buy the new thrilling Yamaha bbt 500h amp with its nice cabinets. But I dont know if I will buy 2x10 + 2x10 or 2x10 + 1x10.

    2x10 + 2x10:
    + More powerful
    - Bigger, Heavier, Not as cute as with one 1x10

    2x10 + 1x10:
    + Easier to transport, Can use it out in the garden and practice (It is so easy to take anywhere), it looks cool.
  2. DWBass

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    How 'bout a 2x10 and a 1x12?
  3. If you are stuck on the Yamaha cabs then get two 4ohm 2x10 cabs.

    Personally I wouldn't buy a 4 ohm cab any smaller than a 4x10. If you can find an 8 ohm 2x10 or 1x10 from another company you like you would have more options, like four 1x10 cabs.
  4. But there is just 2 output jacks on the amplifier. Can I have more than 2 cabinets then?
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    Yes, by daisy-chaining them.
    But more cabs = more money and more weight/power.

    go rather with a 210 and a 112. Or a 115.
  6. Okey, but I want a 4 ohm cab, because I want my amp to go 500 watts. And it will do at 2ohm. And 2 4ohms cabs will end up together 2 ohm.

    Have any suggestions for a 1x12 4 ohm cab or 1x15?
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  8. 1 x 15 will give you deeper low end than 2 x 10's, however, a 2 x 12 will give you as deep low end plus better mids.

    Why not a 2 x 12 for better all round sound?
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    I had a 1x15 and while it sounded great, I just got tired of lugging the damn thing as it is heavy. I got a 1x12 and didn't lose much if anything in the 'boom' dept. I could also carry it with one hand! If you're young and don't mind lugging heavy equipment then by all means try out a 2x12 or 4x10 but if you want to save your back stay with 2x10's and 1x12's. In the case of 12's get 2 1x12's.