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2x10 "Vertical" Combos vs 12" Combos???

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Nate74, May 16, 2011.

  1. I played a gig last weekend where my little Ampeg SVT-100T was all I could squeeze on the stage, but it didn't cut it from a volume standpoint. It's from the 90's, has a pair of 8" speakers and is 100watts. It was actually fine for the first set, but when the chubby divorcées, started dancing... it lost ground quickly to the two deluxe reverbs and drummer...

    This is most likely going to turn into a regular paying thing so I'm trying to think about ways to get some more volume with about the same footprint.

    My standard mid size gig rig is a Aguilar 1x12 and a SWR Grand Prix/QSC PLX1104 driving it. I think this would be overkill for this gig, and might have a bit more of a footprint than I could fit on this little stage.

    So I am kicking around a few options.

    1 - get one of these new super small, super light heads for use with the Aguilar cabinet. It would allow me to put the Aggy on one end, which I can't currently do with the Grand Prix/QSC rack. SWR Headlite or GB Shuttle - $700. On the high side of what I'd like to pay, and am worried about the mixed reviews I've been reading about these little heads.

    2 - Something like the SWR Workingmans 12. I have an older version of the WM10 and really like it but am not 100% sure that a 140watts through a 12" speaker would be much of an improvement over my 2x8 100watt Ampeg. $300 used if I can find one. Maybe the newer GK MB112...?

    3 - I also thought about trying to find the 1x10' extension cab that SWR made to go with the WM10, but that would most likely be a needle in a haystack sort of search and might not be enough volume given the WM10 is only 80watts.

    4 - I also came across an older Hartke combo that is a 2x10, but rather than the speakers being side by side, like on a SWR Redhead, they're more verticle in their orientation, reducing the footbrint of the amp. Not a Hartke fan but I see the GK MB210 is similar in configuration. Also I see that the Ibanez Promethean is a pure "straight up and down" 2x10... but at $900 it's way over what I'm thinking

    Just starting to go down this road and would be open to any and all thoughts on this.

    Thanks in advance.

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