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  1. Would it be feesable to build a tl606 2x15 with composite (Foam core epoxy resin ) construction ? Any possible issues ? Any feedback would be appriciated.
  2. I would shy away from the foam core stuff. I would think it would be a much better use of resources to take the TL-606 plans and convert them to 1/2" with bracing. Then build out of aruco or okoume to save weight. You wont gain much weight in the build, but you will have a lot more durability.
  3. I thought about that originally but in the st louis metro area I don't know if any lightweight plywood is available.
  4. Freddels

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    You need to call a real lumber yard and inquire.
  5. Define a "real lumber yard" called st charles hardwoods the used to supply slm with poplar plywood but the guy I talked to was clueless. They have a large variety of building materials that who a lot of the local cabinet makers use.
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    Aug 7, 2008
    According to their web site, St. Charles Hardwoods sells baltic birch plywood. That is one of your best options.

    If you don't have the tools, go in with a design and get them to cut it to the dimensions that you want. Makes building a cab a lot easier.
  7. At 65 lbs a sheet its gonna be heavy. I can find plenty of Baltic Birch around here. Was looking to be lighter than that if possible.
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    Aug 7, 2008
    With any ply, I like to go void free if at all possible.

    There have been threads here where people have gone the composite route.
    Google: "site://www.talkbass.com composite" to see a listing. A lot of work is involved.
  9. Then look to find a sheet of Okoume. Should be about 20% lighter. Foam isnt going to get you much if any lighter than that if you build it right.
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    Coosa board. It's what we make boats from when going for lightweight and strong. Cuts and shapes easily. Glue the panels/reinforcements with thickened epoxy. finish the exterior with a layer of light cloth, fair, prime, and shoot with your favorite urethane boat paint.

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    I don't know much about composite/fiberglasd sandwich stuff to offer much if any good advice. The thicker you make the walls, the stronger the stuff gets but practicality will come into play at some point.

    That said, a few folks around here have made very nice, solid, and light cabs out of the stuff. The weight savings benefits are exponential though. You could see a real value in a large cab, 215, 412, 810, etc. On a small cab, it's a whole lot of expense and labor for little weight savings.

    Really, you can use any plywood of good quality and rigidity, doesn't have to be "baltic birch" per se. Just stay away from stuff that has very few plys for its thickness, has more than a very few voids, or has cheap glue holding the layers together or has this paper thin outer veneer over who knows what going on in the inner plys.

    "Okume" or whatever it is is interesting stuff, but insanely expensive, to the point you'd need strict medical restrictions, or just have more money than brains to build a cab out of that that stuff. Leave it for boats, airplanes, NASA, or, well...just folks with more money than brains IMO.

    A well engineered "regular" cab made with good ergonomics in mind is a breeze to transport. Once you start fretting over ounces when it comes to bass cabs, you're OCD, IMO. :D
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    A real lumber yard is one that supplies quality lumber for builders and cabinet makers. Not Home Depot, Lowes, etc.
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    If you want lightweight 2x15 cab, look for John Kallas's build from a year or so ago. His build ended up a Little over 50lbs as I remember. Not a TL606 based design but very well done.
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    I know a pair of 1x15's aint' the same as a single 2x15 but if I were really concerned with weight and logistics it would be a consideration.
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    May 22, 2006

    Professional cabinetmakers in your area get their stuff from somewhere...and it ain't home despot.

    It's available if you wamt it.
  16. Well maybe 1/2 plywood braced would be the best solution. As far as drivers any reccomendations other than the ev15L
  17. Emi 3015's or Faital 15PR400's.
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    Apr 9, 2004
    +1. The two best full-range 15s on the market.
  19. 3015 neo or the standard . And which speaker is more efficient the Emi or Faital