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SOLD 3/4 Carved Top Bass with Case, Bow, and Wheel

Discussion in 'For Sale: Double Basses' started by Gavri-Tov Yares, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Price:
    District Of Columbia
    After 13 wonderful years of performing on this amazing instrument, it is time for us to part ways. This bass has performed at Carnegie Hall, recorded with the Rutgers Orchestra and Wind Ensemble, hung out in South Philly dive bars, and most importantly made some wonderful music.


    In 2002, I bought this bass from Shank's Strings (). Mike Shank has fantastically handled the maintenance and upkeep of of the bass since then.


    · Set-up and maintained by Mike Shanks of Shank's Strings
    · Size: 3/4 size Busetto shaped double bass
    · Top: carved top (two piece top is of a fine grain spruce)
    · Back: two piece back is of a moderately flamed maple laminate
    · Sides/Ribs: moderately flamed maple laminate
    · Fingerboard: ebony
    · Bridge: custom made bridge with hard wood adjustors by Mike Shank of Shank's
    · Neck: maple
    · Tuners: German style "Rubner" gears
    · Strings: Thomastik Bel Canto
    · Inside Label: "Christopher Workshop, Beijing, China, Model #DB304T, Anno 2001"

    Extras Included:

    · Gaine's bass wheel ()
    · Mooradian bass case ()
    · Hipshop FreeRange Xtender:
    · Carbon fiber French bow (Cadenza)

    Attached Files: