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For Sale 3/4 Juzek

Discussion in 'For Sale: Double Basses' started by SantinoTaf, Dec 17, 2018.

  1. SantinoTaf

    SantinoTaf Supporting Member

    Apr 11, 2017
    This is an old Juzek/Wilfer bass i acquired about 3 years ago. The bass has been on a lot of gigs in the Southern California area and has served me quite well. It has had a crack repaired towards the end of the tail piece when I set it down too hard and missed the endpin, but it was fully repaired by Lisa Gass at LA bass works. Other than that, it hasn't had any other repairs while in my possession. This would make a great travel bass or good entry level fully carved bass. It needs no repair or maintenance and is in gig ready playing condition. Comes with gig bag.

    3/4 size
    41.5 inch string length

    From an appraisal in 2005 at Thomas Metzler Violin shop while not in my possession.
    " The bass bears a printed label that reads
    John Juzek
    Violinmaker Formerly in Prague

    The back is formed from two pieces of quarter-cut maple, marked by sparse, irregular horizontal flame. The ribs and scroll are formed from mostly plain maple. The two-piece spruce top has mostly straight, fairly wide grain. The instrument is covered with a dark red-brown varnish that has been well worn, revealing a golden ground beneath. The bass in good, well-repaired condition.

    length 119.5cm
    upper bouts 48.6cm
    middle bouts 36.6cm
    lower bouts 66.5cm"

    The strings are Evah Pirazzi's , light or medium gauge... ( can't remember i'll double check if you'd like)

    Thanks for inquiring
    Resized_20181217_185539_9110. Resized_20181217_185633_1901. Resized_20181217_185714_379. Cleats Resized_20181217_185613_2407. Resized_20181217_185606_2852. Resized_20181217_185900_8179. Resized_20181217_185729_9239. Resized_20181217_185748_8580. Resized_20181217_185808_7931. Repaired crack by Lisa Gass Resized_20181217_185835_1041. Resized_20181217_185848_335. Resized_20181217_185852_9660.
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2019
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  2. To Whom It May Concern
    (Some unsolicited observations from an old bass player):

    Santino brought the bass over for a trial yesterday, following a minor adjustment at Lemur (and a new end pin).
    This bass appears to be healthy. It delivers a loud, punchy tone across all registers.
    It is well set up, and it delivers authoritative sound whether your touch is light or you prefer to 'dig in.'
    This will make a good step-up bass for someone stepping up from plywood, or a pro looking for an every-day bass.
    Evidently, while the label says "Juzek," the bass sprang from the loins of the Wilfer family - a worthy pedigree.
    And in closing, while it loses the swimsuit competition to the sleek, newer Shen models, this bass's rugged complexion is part of its mojo in a positive sense.
    Worth checking out.
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