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SOLD 3/4 Size Hamburg Double Bass (Case, Pickup, Quiver, and Stand included)

Discussion in 'For Sale: Double Basses' started by Tim Jensen, Jun 14, 2016.

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    Im selling my 3/4 Hamburg double bass as I am about to purchase a new bass. I have had this bass worked on extensively and have had the following things done to it throughout the years to get it in top playing condition: Re-shaped the neck, Re-Shaped the Bridge, replaced the original endpin, replaced the saddle with an ebony saddle, installed a Realist transducer pickup, installed bridge adjusters, had cracks in the Rosewood fingerboard filled (see pictures), added a quiver, changed the strings less than a year ago, etc. All of the work done on this bass was either done by Lisa Gass at Los Angeles bass works and Ralph Alcala, both of which are renowned professional luthiers in the bass community and my friends. It currently is set up more geared towards orchestra music as that is what I have been playing most consistently, but can be set up for jazz without too much effort. The bass currently has Thomastik Belcanto strings on it. Bass projects very well and has a very bright upper register and an articulate lower register.

    I have played on this bass for about 9 years now and it has treated me very well. This is the bass I won a seat in the American Youth Symphony on, as well as the Associate Principal chair in the Young Artists Symphony of Los Angeles on. It is capable of playing at a pre-professional level.

    Included with purchase of the bass:

    -Already installed Realist transducer pickup. This is a top of the line pickup in perfect condition installed by Ralph Alcala.
    -Mooradian deluxe case in silver. The case has a couple stains here and there but has no tears, broken zippers, etc. Fully functional.
    -Reunion Blues bow quiver. Real leather bow quiver in perfect condition.
    -Double Bass Stand

    Please message me if interested. Thank you. Bass Full.jpg

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