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3 and 4 fret stretch

Discussion in 'Technique [BG]' started by NNbassest, Nov 21, 2004.

  1. NNbassest


    Nov 4, 2004
    hey yall,
    i know your supposed to normally play say a 3 or 4 fret stretch. but i was wondering, do any of yall play your own style? i know i dont enjoy the 4 fret stretch cuz i got samll hands, so i play A)my own stretch, which normally fits my mood or the style of snog or B) a revised version of the three fret stretch. any opinions on not using either stretch, and just using your own?

    thanks, JJ :bassist:
  2. My fingers can stretch 1-pre fret but sometimes I use an arc sort've motion to get say a note 5 or 6 frets apart
    ie ( swing your fingers off the fretboard in an arc motion )
    I think experience counts I mean the longer you play the more your fingers get accoustomed to it
    Reading music also helped but if you feel okay with you're style ( provided you don't experience pain ) I think that's fine

    If you however need some exercises I found that the book

    BASS FITNESS by J du pres is worth a look it has great exercises to help get your fingers in top shape
  3. NNbassest


    Nov 4, 2004
    haha ok thanks...im VERY comfortable with my style. :bassist:
  4. Dynna


    Oct 23, 2004
    If you play one finger per fret, all you'll ever need to do for stretching is to reach 1 extra fret with either your index, of pinky. You've got all 12 tones right there. I don't think it gets much easier than that.
  5. Must... control... laughter...

    Ok, to answer your question without any goofery, I use 3-fret stretches at the most. 4-fret stretches are sort of a no-no for me considering my hands are rather small.
  6. What's a 3 fret stretch and what's a 4 fret stretch??
  7. Joe P

    Joe P

    Jul 15, 2004
    Milwaukee, WI
    There you are, NN! What's the deal - you wrote for advice under recording:


    ..and never posted back! A couple of us tried to help you out with advice, and we never heard from you again. What - are you just launchin' this stuff over the wall to stroke us, or are you using this valuable input?

    Have you gotten a recording of that song that you wanted to do yet?

    When it comes to fingering, I'd suggest that for proper runs and scales you use the 'arc technique' like Jace mentioned if your hands are too small - that way you can still keep your thumb fairly anchored. The bass is really tuned to work in four-fret groups, like Dynna said, and there has to be SOME place up higher on the neck where your hand isn't too small anyway. I don't always use one-finger-per; for licks or some faster 'box-shaped' patterns or simple grooves or doing a whole part in unison octaves or the like, I'll use mostly index-pinky.

    My wife used to play bass (like 20yrs ago), and she was kind of a nut about always using proper one-per fretting, even when she certainly didn't need to. She has VERY small hands, and would arc like that all the time - even on a short scale bass - while still playing very smoothly (usually playing either a Grabber or a Kalimazoo before she orderd a custom shortscale Travis Bean. **I wish she wouldn't have gotten rid of THAT bass way-back-when! Mr. Bean just happened to be making a couple for Bill Wyman at the time, so he whipped-out an extra for her!**).