3-band-eq with fade-pot + pups for jazz bass?

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  1. Hi there,

    I'm looking or a PU and electronics set with the following specs:

    - 2 Jazz Bass pups
    - 4 pots-electronics: pu-fade, bass, middle, treble (with center function, so each for adding and substracting)
    - a "slap-switch", but only maybe, it isn't a must
    - no volume pot needed

    Is there anything like this in the market?

    Thx and Greetz
  2. Just about any 3-band preamp will work, except that most don't have slap switches.
  3. 72LML

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    Check out Symoure Duncan. The STC-3A (made for active pickups) has everything you want plus the slap switch. the only thing is is the bass and treble pots are stacked. So you controls layout is.

    -Volume w/push pull pot for slap contour
    -Stacked Bass/Treble


    Or the STC-3P for passive pickups is the same layout but for passive pickups.

  4. No volume would bother me!

    When I put my bass on a stand I always turn the bass volume off.

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    I throw a killswitch on all of my basses for just that reason.

    However, I use a vol/vol setup for pickup blending, so I don't know that I'd be happy enough with just a blend pot to do that.