3 Band Pre-Amp Schematic

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  1. I'm building a bass and have decided to stick a set of MM Stingray style humbuckers into it. I am also trying to find a pre-amp schematic that would allow for the standard Treble Cut/Boost, Mid Cut/Boost and Bass Cut/Boost controls as well as a volume control which will double as an Active/Passive sontrol (Push/Pull Pot) and a 5 way switch to sellect pickups.

    I already know how to wire the Volume/Active/Passive and the 5 way switch, but I cannot find a schematic. Can anybody point me in the right direction?
  2. You would probably be better off buying a preamp rather than building one.
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    I've never really found a preamp schematic, because they're usually copyrighted. The best you could do is go with a JFET and modify the hell out of it.

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