SOLD 3 Fender US Artist / Deluxe Basses + 1 Michael Dolan Custom

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    Mar 18, 2000
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    Hello, everyone.

    Like many others on the board, I have picked up a few too many basses over the last few months and even though I'd love to keep them all, I seem to be gravitating more toward 6ers, so the following basses are surplus to my requirements. Also looking to freeing up some space, so I will be putting four basses up for sale soon.

    I am offering price breaks if people purchase more than one bass. Since some people may need a bit of time to collect funds and/or make arrangements, I am only offering a preview at the moment and will conduct transactions in earnest starting June 15th. In the meantime, I will post additional pictures, answer questions and consider trade offers.

    The instruments available are the following. Prices shown are for individual basses before price break. All basses are 34" scale, 19mm spacing, except the Dolan, which is 18mm.

    1) 1996 Fender Roscoe Beck V (RBV1) Shoreline Gold, Matching Headstock. All original. Dunlop Strap Lock receptacles recessed into body. Dunlop Strap Locks Included. Under 10 Lbs. Tweed OHSC. $2350.00 Shipped.

    (SOLD) 2) 1997 Fender Roscoe Beck V: (RBV2) Sunburst. All original. Dunlop Strap Lock receptacles recessed into body. Dunlop Strap Locks. oz10.11Lbs., Tweed OHSC. $2350.00 Shipped.

    3) 1992-93 Fender Precision Plus Deluxe IV (PDLX) The Deluxe version of the Precision Plus of the 90's. The smaller contoured body makes for a sleek package. Lace Sensor pickups, Kubicki electronics with 2-band EQ, Fender Elite Tuners and Bridge (All fine tuners included) All stock, except Schaller strap lock buttons (Sorry, no Straplocks). Weight: 8.14 Lbs. Fender logo Molded Plastic 90's OHSC. 1350.00 Shipped.

    4) Michael Dolan Custom 5 - Please check this reverb sale for additional pictures of the bass, case, and a diagram of the electronics. This bass does not bear the Dolan logo, but I recognize his work and build quality. (I own another Dolan bass and have owned others. Mr. Dolan also did some repair work for me when he used to have his shop in Santa Rosa.) As far as I can tell, it's an ash body with purpleheart stringers, Quilted Maple top (center piece is birdseye maple, as is the top of the headstock) Maple/ Wenge neck and a Rosewood fingerboard. Nut, Truss rod, Battery and Control cavity covers are made of machined Brass. Gloss finish. Weight is 13.10 Lbs. 18 volt electronics . B String Piezo not working, Magnetic pickups work. I was going to have Mr. Dolan work on it to get it back to spec, but when I felt the weight, I went off the idea. Too bad, because the build quality and the sound of this bass are really outstanding. Classic high end Hippie sandwich bass from a builder who worked for Alembic back in the day. (Please note that items pictured inside the case were not sent to me and are not included in the sale). Great condition, except it shows cosmetic damage where it was once dropped by a previous owner. Has Dunlop strap buttons installed. Sorry, no strap locks. Heavy duty hardshell touring case has wheels. 1500.00 Shipped.

    Here's a picture of the basses, 1-4, left to right. Sorry it's not very good. Individual pics will look better and show more detail.


    I am offering to sell these basses with a price break and shipping included in the following possible combinations:

    1+2+3+4 (All Basses): $6500.00 shipped (Save $1050,00)
    1+2+4 (RBVs Plus Dolan): $5400 (Save $800.00)
    1+2+3 (All the Fenders): $5250.00 Shipped (Save $800.00)

    1 +3+4 (Option 1 minus 1 RBV): $4500.00 Shipped (Save 700.00)
    1+2: (RBVs Only): $4300.00 shipped (Save $400.00)
    1 +4 (RBV + Dolan): $3500.00 Shipped (Save $350.00)
    1+3: (RBV + PDLX): $3350.00 Shipped (Save $350.00)
    3+4 (PDLX + Dolan): $2500.00 Shipped (Save $350.00)


    Offer valid only in 48 lower states.
    All basses bought as a package deal MUST be shipped to ONE verifiable address and will require a signature from an adult upon receipt. Basses will be packed individually and shipped by UPS and insured for the full value of the instrument.
    In the event basses are sold to different buyers, basses will be shipped in the order of receipt of payment once funds are cleared. Normally, the following business day.
    I will do my best to ship all four basses in two business days, but due to the number of instruments, my work schedule and possible unforeseeable circumstances, I reserve the right to ship one bass per day if needed on the understanding that all basses will be shipped by the fourth business day (unless funds are not yet cleared. See above). I will notify the buyer(s) if that happens to be the case.
    All offers are welcome, but member feedback will also be taken into account. Accounts that are very new or have zero feedback will not be considered (Sorry).
    The only item I might consider in trade would be 34" scale 6-string basses with wide string spacing.

    Please contact me with questions. Thank you.

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    That sunburst RB... :drool:
  3. Blackbird

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    Mar 18, 2000
    What a well timed comment. Here are pics of RBV1 (Bass 1) 6A5C46A3-1C3C-40F5-9AF2-81B4BF9ED4B2.jpeg 7821838E-B003-4D06-9A7C-00017FE131A3.jpeg 20FA1FEE-7B5D-48C0-B4C2-01FC09295B9E.jpeg E2B354E3-A969-48AC-AAC8-A17BCECE61A7.jpeg 42AB5C26-0B86-4F43-BCB4-24A9F9FA5E88.jpeg B4946AA3-EABD-478C-B729-F26DFDA0B2C2.jpeg 0CBE560E-E00F-4F06-A203-FAE5A7C9DB0F.jpeg 5AE62702-BE8E-4812-8211-271839D6B047.jpeg 3563DF22-7BD5-40EF-A675-912846FDFB80.jpeg 9467E9B2-F76B-4A34-9321-BA17182FA083.jpeg 361CD4C0-D0DA-4315-A478-6A4AC4F6AC73.jpeg 26DB0FAA-3ACA-4FB4-9907-F6AE07DCB5EC.jpeg 7FABC57E-1D97-41F0-8610-A960296418AE.jpeg 865C7E7D-8F87-4041-9099-04143D79C4DF.jpeg
  4. Blackbird

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    Mar 18, 2000
    Bass 2 (RBV2) 362D2D5B-412E-4B58-9236-05A478B13965.jpeg B64449B0-6912-4CA9-B7DE-E31A9E2ECF01.jpeg 9ED2DE70-830A-485D-9052-AE0E85B2F0C1.jpeg 861E4444-50BD-4C55-90D2-AB1BA52E46D6.jpeg C7F4798C-30B4-45FF-8AAD-26533611ECB8.jpeg 13A47F11-D4DC-4B50-9E3A-882091B12282.jpeg 436A41C1-740A-4484-BD4E-21A3CAAD303C.jpeg 29D5E917-BFDA-4371-AFD3-0A92899A8926.jpeg 0ED10797-6A49-4516-9B5B-4EDF5D48D0A5.jpeg 41014711-BDF8-4BD2-B542-81155918B2D4.jpeg 5F559A2B-33C3-4438-80C5-2AB82AF073B3.jpeg ACB401E2-6D08-429F-88FD-B6A5502A1C84.jpeg 335DFF9A-5472-4484-8627-9E5BC526B93E.jpeg 5F15C4A6-7877-457C-84A0-87A42CFAD58F.jpeg E4820227-B99D-4F2F-ABA7-82DAAED87382.jpeg 7F537F79-9E7B-41DE-B7EC-743EDB301026.jpeg
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    Beardly Customs
    Just a thought, would you be open to having a 6 built to those specs in trade for the RBVs? Check out Beardly Customs to see my work.
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  6. Blackbird

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    Mar 18, 2000
    Replied via PM.

    Thank you.
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    Mar 18, 2000
    Bass 3 (PDLX) 760C1C3F-B6EF-461C-8505-6F9087B74CEE.jpeg 0B3F92F2-EE41-4D77-9DB9-00A96D46ECC9.jpeg 052AE422-7115-4F9F-BF9C-2F5DD8D7D40C.jpeg 6C222C3A-600A-416C-8F85-170A141920F4.jpeg 7114C2D6-91B4-49E5-B3B6-B4EF3D53156A.jpeg 67810201-9A82-4E6F-AFB7-44D98A61191C.jpeg 95AA3839-33F7-4260-A9D9-62ECC3998B6A.jpeg 65FB793D-2F41-483C-8454-5983215DD13B.jpeg 49C5980C-1FEB-400E-88AB-9CEC05CA4F43.jpeg F74D035C-91D5-472F-84FE-213748802B6D.jpeg E5AF5E09-13C3-4072-8E86-CFDA2A7C1F82.jpeg C21C2FF4-2107-4BA0-AB0E-F03398CE6F5F.jpeg F8B014FB-9FD4-4994-84A4-61BE82D7B04B.jpeg 776788FB-A52D-4D41-BDB3-C65076D4BDD2.jpeg 33771607-2F04-4CCB-8E44-C81EC5F43A6C.jpeg
  8. Blackbird

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    Mar 18, 2000
    And here's Bass 4 (Dolan)
    I think I was wrong about a couple of the specs. I'll update the description.
    40F94288-EDC9-486F-8525-39C490EDF582.jpeg 03A4D9A9-1F20-40D1-89E6-18E08569FA01.jpeg CE11E129-A45B-4489-A19A-B9393196636E.jpeg 0F1CF85D-DEEB-4F89-B53A-29EB4748987F.jpeg 714ACC4E-9D25-41F1-BFC3-C951235BEB41.jpeg 3BE0BD72-74C9-4C53-BF26-815F709D15C6.jpeg 529C0BD1-B9D2-4DF3-B0B8-D275CB482F35.jpeg F4042485-F203-474B-98A1-3D8B5594E93E.jpeg 8B345972-FDC1-4F4B-ACF7-FC5439260723.jpeg A3738BD5-1597-4834-9DE7-2C133E6A1187.jpeg 84FFB55D-BDB6-4F8E-82E2-F1BEAA830F0F.jpeg 4A9391F4-3D39-4743-B602-E73F68AB6C43.jpeg

    Attached Files:

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    Feb 22, 2018
    Hi. Does RBV2 is still available?
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    Mar 18, 2000
    All PMs replied.

  11. Blackbird

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    Mar 18, 2000
    Also accepting offers on individual basses.
  12. Blackbird

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    Mar 18, 2000
    RBV 2 (Sunburst) is sold!
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  13. Blackbird

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    Mar 18, 2000
    Both RBVs are now sold.

    Dolan and PDLX still available, Thank you.