3 finger bass: pain in right hand ring finger...

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  1. Hey guys, I have been sorry dabbling in playing with three fingers for quite a while now but only just (within the last few days) have I really started spending a lot of practice time on the technique. But after a few hours of starting to play that joint between my ring finger (which was the new finger) and my hand really started to ache.
    I figure it may just because it's a new technique and the joint needs a little work to get into the groove of it all but I'm not sure. Has anyone ever experienced something similar? Or just know about these things in general?

    Any advice would be stellar!

  2. My suggestion would be not to force yourself to play with it if it's in pain. Give it some time to rest and heal and when you can play with it without feeling pain, start practicing with it again. I would recommend stretching your fingers out before (im sure you can find some great hand exercises on here, but just moving your fingers around helps) and make sure not to "pop" your joints on the right hand as well.

    Not too specific but hope that helps. But don't play with it for a while if its hurting, you could end up damaging it for quite a long time =(
  3. dont overdue it, and what kind of pain is it? like throbbing, or just a dull ache? If its like an ache it could be the start of something worse.

    I get a dull throbbing pain in my left hand ring and middle finger joints after i play and then i stop. Its weird.
  4. it's a pain that occurs whenever I actually use that finger to play the string, when it's idol it does nothing, otherwise it seems to only hurt when pressure is applied by it.
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    Stop IMMEDIATELY. You should NOT be playing for multiple hours with a freshly-initiated finger, and joint pain can be the first sign of an oncoming RSI. Take some time off of that finger (at least a few days). If the pain persists, get thee to a doctor. If it goes away, remember not to push it too hard - the muscles aren't NEARLY as well developed as those that control your index and ring fingers. 30 minutes on, 15 minutes off for 2 hours max until it starts catching up with your other two fingers in dexterity and independence.

    I hope you're doing a hell of a lot of stretching and warm-up if you're playing for more than two hours a day, by the way. Take care of your hands - you've only got one pair and they've gotta last for a while.
  6. When I say hours I mean in total. I don't sit for two hours and play solid, it could be anywhere from 15-30 minutes at a time with a TV show dispersed between sessions.