SOLD (3) HipShot HB7 Tuning Machines (MIM Fender) with bushings + screws

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  1. spike42

    spike42 Supporting Member

    Oct 21, 2007
    Set of three Hipshot HB7 machines, to fit MIM and early Hwy1 Fender. Great for a
    bass with Hipshot BT7 Xtender Key, which is how I used these. Bass and extender
    are long gone, so these have just been hanging around my stash. Older set, nicely
    broken in - smooth-turning and the shafts are straight.

    I'm including new screws for 4, plus complete set of 4 MIM bushings so you can buy
    an extender and put 'em right back to work.

    How about $35 shipped, Paypal on me of course.

    DSC00702.jpg DSC00703.jpg DSC00706.jpg DSC00708.jpg DSC00710.jpg

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