SOLD 3 Hipshot HE6C 1/2" Bass Tuners and 1 Xtender - Black - Used

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    3 Hipshot HE6C 1/2" Tuners and 1 Xtender in Black (bass side)
    I had these on a 2007 Fender Jazz Bass Deluxe
    They're in excellent condition with just some expected wear on the pegs from being strung.
    Included are two different size bushings (description from Bestbassgear):
    0.618"(15.7mm) is intended for a smaller bore size of 16mm. Examples of basses that utilize this particular bushing include Fender U.S.A, Lakland Skyline or any basses built with the Hipshot Lic. Ultralight 1/2" tuning keys.
    0.660"(16.7mm) is the standard bushing size that comes supplied with the US made Ultralight tuning keys. Fits many basses with 17 - 17.5mm bore hole.

    Hopefully this info helps you to determine whether or not this will fit your bass.

    Asking $115 shipped to the lower 48 states
    Paypal only

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  3. Still available. In case anyone was wondering, the tape on there is just holding the screws. Also, not pictured, there is a bag of the 4 different size bushings that will be included. I may just take those screws off and put them in the bag in case they slip the tape.
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    Would you consider selling just the extender? Could use one in black
  5. I may... that was my original intention, but I figured it would be difficult to sell the rest of them without offering a complete 4 string set. PM me with an offer for the extender and I'll consider it.
    By the way... is that dog in your profile pic a whippet?
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    I’ll pm you.

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  7. These are all still available
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  9. still available
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