3 last minute Dallas/Denton shows (9/30, 10/2 & 10/3)

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  1. I went to Dallas to take care of a family member recovering from surgery and they made great improvements and no longer need full time care. These three shows came to me unsolicited! Very excited. I have my Chadwick so I could practice, so anyone who wants to hear the hybrid version should come out. I also had a former student get in touch and take a few lessons (actually a high honor since he is at UNT now!).
    Texas is an incredible place! Gigs below!

    Dennis Gonzalez / Aaron Gonzalez / Damon Smith

    Where: Top Ten Records 338 W Jefferson Blvd, Dallas, Texas 75208

    When: 2017-09-30, 7pm


    Special pop-up in store show!
    Its a trumpet and two double bass duos and trio evening with Damon Smith, Dennis Gonzalez and Aaron Gonzalez!

    Outward Bound Mixtape Sessions
    RBC 2617 Commerce St, Dallas, Texas 75226

    When: 2017-10-02, 9pm

    Performers: Damon Smith - solo double bass

    Vocal Ensemble (Aaron Gonzalez, Lily Taylor, Wyatt Rosser, Sarah Ruth & TBA)

    Stephen Lucas Live at Brussels

    Damon Smith (MA)
    Home » Damon Smith
    Balance Point Acoustics


    Karl Roehling

    Damon Smith + Garrett Wingfield + Anna Jalkéus trio live at BYOB
    BackYard On Bell 410 N Bell Ave, Denton, Texas 76209

    When: 2017-10-03, 9pm


    improvising bass player Damon Smith is finally coming to play a show in Denton. He will have a short solo set followed by a trio with him Garrett Wingfield and Anna Jalkéus :)

    also playing

    LOBBER - new band with Matt Burgess Rick Eye and T.r. Nudge

    Nobody Nose

    Free show
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