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    Apr 9, 2001
    Kopavogur, Iceland
    Hi all!

    Although I haven´t posted much, I´ve been an avid reader of the Talkbass forums for many months now. My band recorded and mixed three songs about a month ago, and I wanted to let you all listen to them if you´re interested.

    Info: I´m from Iceland, and I doubt that any of you will understand the lyrics since they´re in Icelandic of course :) But music is an international language so I´ll hope you´ll get by :)
    We´re now trying to get our songs into radio stations, to record labels etc. here in Iceland. To top it all, we´re playing tonight in a live tv show here in Iceland called "Hausverkur um Helgar". First time for me in a live show, it could be a bit stressful :)
    But anyways...here are the songs:

    http://www.simnet.is/icez/lirmill/Debbie 905.mp3 <--3.3mb
    http://www.simnet.is/icez/lirmill/Alveg eins og thid.mp3 <--3.5mb
    http://www.islandia.is/icez/lirmill/Sa Retti.mp3 <--4.5mb

    If the url´s don´t work, then go to this page:
    The songs are there plus some photos from the studio which we recorded in. But the text is all in Icelandic :)

    I would appreciate any comments that you might have!

    Enjoy :)
  2. great chorus on debbie 905, its already stuck in my head