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$300 P gets more attention than my Warwick

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by txpitdog, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. txpitdog


    Jan 1, 2006
    I've got a plain ol' '83 MIJ P-bass. I changed the pick ups to Quarter Pounders, but other than those and the D'Addario Chromes, it's just a stock P-Bass. Nothin' special about it, except for how freakin' sweet it is to play! Nothing wrong with that!

    Except for the fact that I've got a Warwick FNA Jazzman 5 just sitting in the corner. :meh: When I want to play, it just seems natural to pick up the P instead of my Warwick. It could be any number of things, string spacing, neck shape, etc. All I know is that when I bought the Warwick, I thought I'd never play my Pbass again. Hasn't happened. The one saving grace for the Warwick is the aggressive growl and tone. The P's tone can't hang with a single note from the Warwick. If I could somehow match the tone of my Warwick with the playability of my Pbass, I'd be in heaven.
  2. godspeed68

    godspeed68 i'm here for the sound

    Mar 24, 2004
    Chicago, IL
    Same thing happened to me, sort of. Once I got my elrick i thought I would never touch my fender again. although the fender has p/j emgs in it which i really liked for that bass. something about those pickups and being able to control just a bit of fretbuzz that sat right at home with me. but im playin my jazz right now...so screw the other two....(uh?)

  3. Figjam


    Aug 5, 2003
    Boston, MA
    And Thus is the story of every bassist. Looking for a bass that feels great AND sounds great.
  4. Rocknrolljunkie


    Jan 29, 2006
    maybe you dont play it because you are more comfortable with a 4string?
  5. Turock

    Turock Supporting Member

    Apr 30, 2000
    Doesn't surprise me.
  6. DarkMazda


    Jun 3, 2000
    it is a 1983 MIJ Fender too you know :)
  7. steve4765630


    Feb 27, 2006
    I think that it may have to do with comfort zone. You know the p-bass better, so you gravitate toward it. Happens to us all.
  8. AxtoOx


    Nov 12, 2005
    Duncan, Okla.
    Corvette bodies are kinda small, that's what keeps me from playing my $$ very much, I play my Katana more than my jazz. Some people don't like the look, but that Katana plays well.