SOLD 33" Medium Scale Walnut Beauty

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    I have available another lovely handmade bass from Opatik, a luthier here in Northern Michigan. Beautiful walnut with oil finish that really accentuates the grain!

    Medium 33” scale, with a 1 5/8” width at the nut, and a C profile thru-neck. I don’t have a scale handy but would guess about 8 lbs.

    The through-neck is 5 piece, layers of walnut and maple, with a bound rosewood fingerboard and 21 frets. You can't tell from the photos, but the side dot markers are red, rather than the usual black, a nice little touch. I love the body shape, which is very comfortable to play.

    Tuners are Hipshot in the classic cloverleaf, bridge is a Schaller, the stacked knobs control a pair of passive Vintage Reissue Fender Jazz pickups.

    The craftsmanship matches the beauty of this guitar. This is a high quality instrument that plays beautifully. What I love about the 33" scale is that it's the perfect compromise between the 34" full length and the more usual 32". With this scale it's like lopping off the 1st fret and moving everything up a half step. Doesn't feel too cramped as you get near the octave.

    You can see the luthier’s site here: Bass

    Never gigged and nary a nick on it. Comes with an excellent condition hardshell Gator case. Will ship to CONUS.

    I love everything about this bass, and hate to sell it, but you have to thin the herd every once in a while.
    Opatik 1.JPG Opatik 2.JPG Opatik 3.JPG Opatik 4.JPG Opatik 5.JPG Opatik 6.JPG Opatik 7.JPG Opatik 8.JPG Opatik 9.JPG Opatik 10.JPG Opatik 11.JPG Opatik 12.JPG Opatik 13.JPG Opatik 14.JPG Opatik 15.JPG Opatik 16.JPG Opatik 17.JPG Opatik 20.JPG Opatik 21.JPG Opatik 1.JPG Opatik 2.JPG
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    Apr 21, 2012
    Very cool! GLWTS!
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    Jul 30, 2017
    Canada, Eh!
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    That is a beautiful instrument. As a Michigan-born bass player, I also appreciate the Detroit connection!

    PM incoming.