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33" scale on Fodera?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by TheTurtle, Apr 4, 2004.

  1. TheTurtle

    TheTurtle Guest

    Nov 13, 2003
    Hi, do you ave any experience on 33" bass? On Fodera basses in particular.

    In particular I'd like to know wich are advantages and negative things on 33" against 34".
    Do you think is not good for B sting, also with Extended B on Fodera?
    I've found 33" more easy to play, in particular in the lower register.

    Let me know what's your experience! :)
  2. RAM


    May 10, 2000
    Chicago, IL
    ...not with Foderas, but I have played a 33" Roscoe. The low B was stronger than most low Bs I've played, though not as strong as a low B on the Roscoe 35" basses I've played...

    Aside from some reduction of string tension, there really aren't any negatives of a shorter scale bass. If it's more comfortable for you, go for it.:D
  3. I have no direct experience w/ a Fodera bass, but i have some experience going from a long scale and a shorter scale and what it seems to impart as far as tone.
    I usually play a 37" scale Dingwall and the tone is punchy, w/ great sustain and articulation of each note, when i put a capo at the 1st fret and retune (making the bass essentially a 34.75" scale). I found the bass sounded noticibly different, the notes weren't as punchy, the tone took on a more vintage-vibe, less sustain and articulation. Now granted its not exactly what your asking but it emulates a shorter scale instrument. I suspect that the B string will prolly sound different as well.
    If Your playing style accomidates a 33" scale bass- I say go for it
  4. Lenko


    May 3, 2003
    Hi there.
    As far as I know, Lincoln Goines' Fodera has 33" scale. He seems to be really happy with it and it sounds great (just listen to some of his ultra-groovy bass lines). I can't remember where I had read that, but I think he wanted a 33" scale since it was easier on hands. I'll try to find some more info.
  5. TheTurtle

    TheTurtle Guest

    Nov 13, 2003
    I'm sure that Garrison has a 33", I don't know about Goines, but he has Extended B.
    Richard Bona has 35" but that bass on him looks as a little guitar!! :D
  6. PhatBasstard

    PhatBasstard Spector Dissector Supporting Member

    Feb 3, 2002
    Las Vegas, NV.
    I had read, in a Matt Garrison article somewhere, that his signature Fodera was supposed to be 33" scale, but then read somewhere else that it wasn't. I'm wondering if the writer of the first article got his signature Foderas mixed up.:meh:
  7. TheTurtle

    TheTurtle Guest

    Nov 13, 2003
    I think Matt Garrison have several Imperial with different combinations... :ninja:
  8. emjazz

    emjazz Supporting Member

    Feb 23, 2003
    Brooklyn, NY
    Matt's original bass was a 35" scale but his new one has a 33" scale. Keep in mind that he uses a high C string and not a low B. Lincoln's bass is a 33" scale but he only uses a bridge pickup which will inevitably give a tighter sound. If you were to get a 33" scale Fodera with a low B than my suggustion would be to get the pickups set up like Tom Kennedy's bass. On his bass the neck pickup is moved back towards the bridge pickup for a tighter sound. The Roscoe's are like this as well and I'd assume that it attributed to the tighter B string.

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